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World’s Tallest Temple

धन-धन वृन्दावन रजधानी।, जहा- ँ विराजत मोहन राजा श्री राधा महारानी।सद- ा सनातन एक रस जोरी महिमा निगम ना जानी।, श्री हरि प्रिया हितु निज दासी रहत सदा अगवानी॥

Glory to Vrindavan….. 

Where Mohan (Krishna) is the Emperor And  Radha is the Empress, Where ‘Bhakti Ras & eternal bliss flows continuously,Even Veds are not able to sing and capture the entire ‘ras’ of the place , Where Lord of the Universe (Lord Krishna) lovingly serves theEmpress of the Universe ( Radha)

Vrindavan – the land of eternal bliss, the land where the Lord manifests

Vrindavan, the name itself evokes the religious Hindu  sentiments  as it earns its sacred feelings for being the domain of Lord Krishna’s childhood. According to scriptures, Lord Krishna  spent most of his childhood here and the place is witness to the innumerable stories of the adorable ‘Nandlala’.  Vrindavan has been a holy tourist destination for Lord Krishna’s followers throughout the world.

What could be a better location – to plan a  ‘jewel’ in the form of VRINDAVAN CHANDRODAYA MANDIR on this sacred land of Vrindavan in the Mathura district of India.

Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir complex, conceived of by the devotees of ISKCON-Bangalore, has been designed as a scenic landscape overflowing with historic stories, culture, tradition and lila of Lord Krishna. Designed by INGENIOUS STUDIOS , Gurugram, as the principal architects of the project, the complex aims at blending and crafting the rich ancient history into today’s contemporary world to bring up a world class experience.  The complex comprises of  a Heritage Tower and a Krishna Lila theme park which will narrate the timeless lovable character of Lord Krishna.

The famous Canadian architect Arthur Erickson once qouted ,

“Great buildings that move the spirit have always been rare. In every case they are unique, poetic, products of the heart. “

The words stand true for anyone who views the concept, the structure is like a poem where emotions have bloomed into thoughts and the thoughts have shaped into points & lines unfolding into a form which will become an Iconic Religious skyscraper, first of its kind in India and the World!

 Ar. Rimpesh Sharma, co founder of Ingenious Studios, has felt a unique spiritual experience while conceptualizing the plan of the complex.

The Heritage Tower


The heritage tower is designed to dominate the skyline as the tallest religious structure  in the world with a height of 210 meters. The tower is based on the ancient Nagara style of Architecture which is the  North Indian style of temple architecture.The main feature of the style being its Shikhara (or tower) rising inwards as it progresses upwards.  The tower is conceptualized as a  magnificent blend of this ancient  style with a contemporary facade of marble and glass.

The most highlighting feature is the accessibility of the tower. Every visitor will be able to reach a Sky View Gallery built at  140 meters, connected through high speed lifts, which will give the visitors a breathtaking panoramic view of the historical land. The visitors will be immersed in a 3D light & sound experience of the different planetary systems described in the Vedic literature.”

The Philosophy…….

The tower is structured on Four Pillars and the four pillars are associated with the four pillars of life.These four mega pillars also have a structural significance of support for the skyscraper tower. The Pillars are designated as

1. The Pillar of Truth

2. The Pillar of Compassion

3. The Pillar of Austerity

4. The Pillar of Purity

These four mega columns will be visible to the visitors at the basement hall which is named as The Anchorage – Hall of Values.
Also the structure includes Four Promenades at 12 m level instilled with graphic and interactive displays of inspirational stories from ancient India. The stories will be narrated through a visual play of water features and landscape elements. The four promenades are designated as:

1. The Truth Promenade            2. The Compassion Promenade

3. The Austerity Promenade      4. The Purity Promenade

The Krishna Lila Theme Park

The  Krishna Lila Theme park aims at showcasing Krishna’s stories in an immersive multi- sensory story telling experience. The park will provide a fun filled entertaining  amusement for the visitors and introduce them with the glories of Krishna in a different way.

Indoor view of Krishna Lila Theme park

The indoor park will be located in climate controlled indoor covered space at the ground level of the Heritage Tower.

Outdoor View of Krishna Lila Theme park

In the outdoor park 12 forests of Vrindavan (DvadashaKanana) will be recreated, replete with elegant vistas of flowers & fruit bearing trees where Lord Krishna performed childhood lilas, exactly as described in  Bhagwad Gita. The 12 forests ( vana) planned are:

Kumudavana                   Vrindavan                     Talavana                           Mahavana
Bahulavana                     Bilvavana                      Khadiravan                       Bhandiravana Madhuvana    Bhadravana                   Kamyavana                       Lohavana
Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir – An iconic SKYSCRAPER with the majestic look of a religious structure  aptly glorifies the rich history and heritage of the ‘Krishna Bhoomi’. The amalgamation of ancient temple architecture and amenities of modern architecture aims at bringing the rich literature and values of our past associated with today’s contemporary man.

The Architect’s Vision

The Principal Architect, shares his thoughts on the journey of the project right from  understanding the clients vision to transferring it to  the drawing board and  finally bringing it to the ground.

Designing the tallest religious temple in itself is a challenge for all and teamwork is the key, since it involves a lot of consultants and specialists of various fields. He says that Interpretation of all aspects has to be collaborated into one single unit and that has to go to the site finally.  He firmly believes ,”we have to be right the very first time ” and to achieve this lot of brainstorming is applied behind the boards and the team together has to work in  in unison.

………….Ar. Rimpesh Sharma

The Design.Decor.Travel team feels that the well knit team of Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir is threading the dream of millions of devotees to………. 

Soar High & Touch the Sky!!

We are indeed glad to write about this prestigious project & thank Ar. Rimpesh Sharma for sharing the useful insight.

 (Disclaimer: All pictures are conceptual renditions of the proposed project and copyright of InGenious Studios Pvt Ltd.)

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Office – Office No. 158, First Floor, Tower B1 
              Spaze I Tech Park, Gurgaon, Haryana, India


Some more pictures from the gallery-
Grand Entrance of the Tower
Bridge connecting the outdoor theme park
View of the temple at Night
Comparison with the Classics



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