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Winter Decor Trends & Tips

Trending Winter Decor Tips

While Autumn has set in after a long spell of rains here in the east, winters seem no far away. The bright and cheerful mornings and mild breezy evenings are soon going to turn into chilled windy days. This is also the time of the year when festivities are just around the corner. While we are busy shopping new clothes & accesories, it is also the best time to revamp our houses.  Little changes to our home decor can turn our home into our cozy nest & make it look festival ready.

So let’s take some inspiration from these lovely pictures which will help us to spruce up our homes this coming season.

Warm Tones

Dress your interiors with warmth, elegance & richness by switching to a darker palette for walls & upholstery. You need not change your furniture for bringing this change. Just add a dash of the warm metallic shades by using throws, cushions, rugs or wall paintings in copper, brass or gold hues bringing forth their vitality & charm.


Introducing bold shades which compliment each other work best for layering while giving a bright & cheerful look. Warm sunshine yellow with vintage navy blue on a grey backdrop gives this room a chic yet cozy feel.

You can also infuse your home with warm autumn hues with pops of rust & orange bringing an air of fresh energy.Source

Snug Texture

Add cozy touches to your home by introducing snug soft furnishings. The best trick to introduce warmth is to introduce layering.Source

Drape your couches & sitting area with one or two throws. Introduce plenty of rugs around the house to comfort your feet & beat away the winter blues.Source

Retro style bedding & furnishing

Add depth & character to your interiors by simply switching to retro textures & patterns, for your bedspreads & duvets, which display the old world charm. Believe me the floral trends of 70’s are making their way back & look perfect for the coming season. Source
Vintage style floral print give this sunny sit out a dashing, sophisticated & cozy warmth.Source

Moody Shades & Lamps

In order to make winter feel even cosier & festivals feel even more festive, lit up  corners of your home with shades, lamps or string lights. My guest vanity shelf is all set to welcome the festivities with a winter style makeover.

Style your spaces with a dramatic glow by introducing lanterns & fairy lights. You can easily turn the dark evenings of winter into festive tales by introducing fairy lights to coffee tables & dining tables.Source

Fill  jars or lanterns with these twinkling lights or just hang them around a window to introduce a festive winter delight

Brass & Antique Homeware

This year the trend is back to roots. Take inspiration from old traditions & indulge in vignettes inspired from cultures around the world. Metallic centrepiece or accent pieces in brass & copper spread a glint of warmth to a space.


For my Indian decor, I’ve displayed grandma’s treasured copper vessels on a rustic wooden slice along with candles & light. Together, they display a stunning vignette.

Embrace Indoor Plants

Be it any season, the idea of a healthy home is always a priority for interior makeovers.  While this season limits the outdoor loungings bring in the outdoors inside. Infuse a breath of fresh air by using indoor plants & succulents as an interior accent.


Restoring greenery in your house brings life back into the gloomy winter days & makes it look picture perfect.


Earthy decor

Twigs, sticks, wood slices, wood curls, dry flowers & potpourri make a up for a fabulous winter decoration. These natural items when styled & put together become a chic centrepiece while spreading an earthy aroma.


Aroma & Candles

This is my favourite way of adding a celebratory vibe to my home. Aromatic diffusers & Candles placed in glass jars, candle holders or canisters bring in a sensual, inviting & cozy feel.Source Source

Cozy nooks

Shift furniture close to windows where sunlight peeps through. Create nooks to enjoy  a cup of warm coffee while soaking some warm sunshine. For chilled evenings create a space where you can sink in with a good book & a glass of wine.

So let’s get going & add a touch of winter decor to our nest of bliss.  Hope these ideas inspire you to just gather what you already have, spread it in style & Voila!! You have turned your home into a cozy & comfortable den this Winter season. 

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