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What’s your Colour of Happiness??

The colour we surround ourselves with, directly influences our state of mind, it either triggers our emotions or slows us down.

The heart sings to the tunes of new beginnings when the hues of orange overcast the grey paradise turning it into clear blue skies, a unique soulful aroma is spread while we tread in the lush green forests filling our lives with joy and contentment, a look at the horizon with a mix of blue, purple and brown on the sandy beaches charms the inner self to dance to the song of the sea and when the moon sparkles with its silver shine over grey heavens, the world seems to be at rest and the mind rejoices in the warmth of its cocoon.

Researchers say that colour is at the heart of everything we do, it defines our thoughts, stimulates our senses and influences our potential and thus has a significant role to play in our day to day life. Interior designer and author of several home décor books Terry Willits believes it is important to stimulate the five senses—touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste—to create an atmosphere that reflects family’s personal style!

The Turquoise themed Living Room

Box Of Crayons……

When it came to setting up my living room, in a new look, with the same furniture and artefacts, I as a designer opted for the option of adding a colour to change the aroma.  As they say ‘life is a box of crayons chose yours’, I chose the colour turquoise from the palette. Turquoise has always casted its spell on minds with its sensuous charm and embracing playfulness. It has the decorative quality of pairing up with many bright as well as warm colours. The starting point was to blend the newly selected colour in the already set up browns. The task seemed no different than settling up a new bride in a well-established family where turquoise was the newly wed and the walnut brown and beige furniture along with brass artefacts were the generation old royals. So to kick start, cushions in the ambient turquoise were added to the hues of hazelnut which cosily embraced it so well that they looked like never apart. There I realized the versatility of colour ‘turquoise’, that it looks great whether it stands alone or is paired with classic, traditional or contemporary look.

History of Turquoise

History suggests that turquoise colour got its name from the turquoise stone (Turkish stone) which is a national gem of Tibet and is considered to bring good health, good fortune and protection from evil. It has also often been seen as the dominating colour in native American motifs, tropical designs from Mexico as well as mid-century modern design and the contemporary design of the present century as well.

Turquoise & its impact…….

The colour has the potential to turn a blank page into a vibrant, happy and lively story and so did it, when one portion of the wall was brushed with it, the room had an altogether different aura to spell. The morning sunlight when kissed the aqua blue wall, it dazzled and seemed to purify the soul.

When the morning sun’s rays kiss the walls, it evokes a peaceful calmness
The evening galore exhibits a sensuous charm

While it evoked a sense of peace and calmness in the mornings, the colour displayed a sensuous charm in the warm light effects of the glories of sunset. And when the skies turned dark, it evoked a unique tranquility which simply radiated pleasant happiness.

Falling more and more for the colour I crazily went on adding a tinge of it to every corner! A unique spark started radiating from each nook and gave the whole set up a wholesome look !

The natural driftwood table holds the turquoise Buddha and Tibetan kettles along with a prized marble watch gift  from a friend blending with the theme yet attracting attention of visitors

The curios including a Turquoise Buddha, Tibetan kettles and Tibetan shankh coupled with a prized gift from a friend make up a perfect corner.

A Turquoise mat coupled with mosaic tealight holder makes a perfect podium for the Brass Buddha to sit gracefully
A tinge of turquoise is added through hand painted wooden sticks alongside the Black & Red Setty designed and crafted by me putting waste wood shavings to their best use

I would say happiness is homemade, and when the home spreads happiness it definitely nurtures relationships. When the colour of the walls spreads an ambience which supports its function it brings prosperity, vibrancy as well as calmness and peacefulness to the inhabitants.

Colour – The Voice Of Design…..

Every year new trends and colours are introduced in the world of architecture. Colour as misunderstood by many is just taken as a tool of adding decoration to a design rather it should be considered as the voice of the design and the function which directly impacts the senses of the viewer and enfolds the thought behind the creation.

To me Turquoise has played the role of the voice which sings its tunes and I play along with it in the mysterious charm it spreads along with giving the visitors a playful and lively perception.

I will look forward to reviews of my Dear Readers and What’s their Colour of Happiness??……….
Link to picture video : A Turquoise Affair
PS: The brand of color used on the walls is Berger Interior Emulsion Aqua Chill
All pictures are clicked by the Author 

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