We Salute you Sir- Ar.BV Doshi

Architectural Fraternity Salutes you Sir!

It makes me immensely happy today that my favourite architect & inspiration of all times is honoured with the highest award in Architecture. As I sit down to write today my heart is filled with pride & I look back to the days when I boarded the journey of this fervent & passionate field and my first inspiration, like many more, was none other than BV Doshi Sir.

Architect Balakrishna Doshi will be honoured with the Pritzker Prize 2018. Indeed a proud moment for Architectural Fraternity of India. It’s for the first time an Indian Architect has been recognised and awarded the highest accolade in the field. It marks a day of celebration for the fraternity as well as India 🇮🇳.

Since the day I started reading architecture, the name B.V. Doshi was an epitome of inspiration for me. His buildings were not structures made of bricks and cement but a collection of words beautifully stringed together like a poetry. The poetry which carried me into a world where each alphabet touched my soul. I read every building deeply and could feel the open and closed spaces blending into each other, the walls & landscape smoothly holding hands & dancing together in rhythm and harmony.

His buildings converse an expression of intensity, where feelings are displayed by his own distinctive style and rhythm.

The award won by him is a reminder and inspiration to the young generation and fellow architects that there is immense strength in our native architecture. We don’t have to be attracted to trendy & flashy architecture of the West but understand the people’s needs.
Ar. Doshi believed in our culture and considered architecture as a holistic profession. With his belief and sincere architecture, he has immensely contributed to the betterment of our society. His works have displayed a magnificent blend of traditional and modern along with displaying a statement of comfort & style.

Architect Doshi has enriched our architectural fraternity with a legacy for the generations to follow. His philosophy and ideas will foster the young generation and help in creating a better society for us!

Congratulations Sir! We are proud of you 🇮🇳
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We Salute you Sir ….Ar. B.V. Doshi – His exemplary architecture! #bvdoshi #pritzkerprize #architecture #designdecortravel

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