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Wall Decor Ideas

Wall Decor

Every house has a Story to tell & Walls are the best canvas to display your Storyline.

From living room to kitchen, from bedrooms to bathroom there are walls, walls & walls waiting to get brushed up in glamor & makeup. Today I have rounded up some  ideas to give your walls that glitter edge as they turn into your own art pieces.
You definitely don’t have to be an artist to work out these easy to install & budget friendly ideas.
Gallery Wall


The easiest way to spruce up your blank wall is to create a gallery of your favourite pictures or gather up your family archives . Let the walls tell story of your travel destinations or your family’s history.

Contemporary Shelves


Add accent to your wall through contemporary shelf on walls. You can install floating shelves or let in a stand-alone shelves which adds to storage as well as display.

Fabric on WallSource


Drape your wall in fabrics by installing a colourful textile on canvas or just hang an oriental rug to gracefully add a vintage charm to your room.
Mirror Art


Mirror mirror on the wall!! Spruce up your entrance wall or add an element of spark by installing mirrors on the wall. Cluster them into shapes & sizes to get that perfect look. Frames in different shapes make up the perfect art in this one. The touch of gold further enhances the look.


Make one wall as the signature wall in your home by adding ‘wall de cal stickers’ or signature paints available across all brands.

Wall Plates


Highlight a corner or create an accent wall by installing ceramic art plates. Style them up in an abstract set up and let them add the glamour they possess.

Basket Art


If you love collecting these cane or bamboo creations, then working them up into wall hanging baskets adds an organic blend to your house. Certainly these chic baskets add a unique zing to any room.

Bespoke Wallpapers 

Turn your wall into a bespoke sculpture by installing 3D Wallpapers. For details Click here.

Wall Murals


Beautiful Mandala mural Art on the wall adds a colourful & vibrant accent to this room. Wall murals certainly give an instant uplift a space.

Embossed Wall

Emboss the wall in pattern of your choice and add a glam quotient by highlighting it in metallic shades.

Reverse Cement Embossing is an everlasting trend which never goes out of fashion. If you want to give your Home an eclectic edge, then this one is the perfect solution for your wall.

Wall TilesSource

Dress up your wall in the trendy wall tile stickers & get some eyes rolling over this bohemian display.



Frame up your favourite vintage fabrics or handkerchiefs which you never want to part with. Let them facelift your walls as they work out as colourful frames.

Go green


Instantly uplift your blank walls by adding planters & greens.

Hope you like the few ideas which can make your home welcoming without spending much on your pockets. Most of them are Easy to do DIY projects, so……………….Which one does your creative eye pick up??
Looking forward to your comments & inputs!
Happy Reading! 

(All pics have been used as reference to the text of the article)
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