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TV Consoles – a Style Guide

Your Tv Console or media console can be much more than just a tv cabinet, it can work as the entertainment zone of your house which holds all your media accessories. The correct design of your tv cabinet can make room for a quality family time where you can watch movies, play games, listen to music or even karaoke with friends.

Here we have rounded up some eclectic tv console ideas for you.
To begin with have a look at my own Media console. This cabinet has worked perfectly for me since past 10 years. Shifting along with us as we moved into new stations (5 to be precise) & travelling from north to east to west, it is still serving us great family times.


Designed to move along on postings the drawer unit and side display shelves get detached & the side units fit into drawers while packing and smoothly get assembled back to their positions when reopened. The back is a ply board with a well spaced hole to hide all the wires and attachments. The glass display shelf holds my kids’ Playstation perfectly and the storage below keeps their CD’s & remotes safely. I’ve incorporated a little display shelf for myself which hold my little knick knacks and also adds an elegant quotient to our living area.
Undoubtedly, an average home today has more media and audio accessories than ever before. So having the right combination that houses them safely and aesthetically is demand of the day. Have a look at these gorgeous tv & media consoles.


Give your living room that edgy look with this console which has a combination of storage units gathered together forming a balanced composition. This eclectic unit provides you enough storage for all your media accessories too.


This wall hung unit works well even if you are in a rented accommodation. The console in this design is fixed with wall fasteners and can be taken out anytime. All the wires and unwanted switches get hidden behind the back.


Now this is called ‘designing around your tv’. You can give your room a luxury dip with a console which is an art piece in itself for your living room or bedroom. The console not only holds your media accessories but gives you the grandeur of showing up your artefacts. The soothing lighting effect further enhances the overall design.


If you are a book lover then this console acts perfect for you. A relaxed place where you can charm up a music channel and curl up with a book in hand.


Let’s get modular. Give your tv a statement of style by edging it with a fashionable storage shelf designed on modules creating an abstract symmetry. The black & white combination and clear floor space adds a statement to it.


If you always wanted a living room which is dramatic then just mount your tv on a wall laden with your choice of wallpaper. A small cabinet can work as storage for the tv accessories.


Simple, compact yet classy defines this tv unit which gives the right amount of storage and shelf space. The visual balance is created by adding a wall painting at the right place.


Not always do you want to mount your tv on the wall. This eclectic console gives you the choice of placing your tv on the stand teaming it with little knick knack or books which you want to show up. Also adding up a wall hung unit balances the act.


Now a tv console with a mini bar is a perfect idea if you love to charge up your evenings with a glass of wine. A multi- storage console which is a mix of hidden storage and open storage gives you the luxury of showing up your artefacts and hiding up your knickknacks.


If you don’t want a lavish tv console or are setting up a rented apartment then just blending your tv on a wall devoted to art work is a great idea. Your tv becomes a part of your gallery wall in this trick. A usual cabinet can team up along with this art wall and act as an accessory storage.
Hope you liked the ideas. All the above pictures are for reference only, you can pick your favourite & we can customise the design for you according to your space availability and requirements.
Stay tuned and follow us for many more Home Decor & Interior ideas.
Your comments & suggestion will be of utmost value.

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