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Tulika- An Artist’s Soulful Brush

Featured Artist – Meenakshi Sharma 

I am so glad today to feature ‘‘TULIKA’ , an immensely incredible space which is all about Art. I recently had the pleasure of speaking to the immensely talented Founder of Tulika, Meenakshi, & came across the captivating & self taught work of her. She rightly calls her passionate space as Tulika which means a Paintbrush.

For Meenakshi it is not just a brush but an instrument which strings her creative notes into a rhythmic melody.  She paints with the brush dipped in the music of her soul. Each of her creation is a poetic depiction of flora and fauna.

Inspired from Indian folk art & her love for greens & blooms, each artwork is a bonanza of charming colour combinations.

About the Founder

Meenakshi Sharma is an example of a strong woman who despite all ups and downs of life followed her passion of playing with Colours. An Army wife and a doting mother of two, she has embraced life as it came and has bloomed out as a winner. While her son was diagnosed with Autism, all her art & craft had taken a backseat. She accepted the challenge & dedicatedly raised him into a loving & manageable human being. In the process she learnt to seek happiness in small little things of life & decided to pick up brushes once again. Each stroke of her brush depicts  patience & perseverance which is displayed in all her paintings & artwork.

Sneak peek into the Artwork…..

The art pieces at Tulika include Home Decor & Lifestyle accessories from Wall plates & Trays to Dupattas & Wall hangings.

Wall Plates

These beautiful Wall plates with birds as the subject trigger a sense of positive emotions. The vibrant play of colours with the birds sitting calmly in their own little world inspires creative imagination. These pretty creations are done on Ceramic plates with acrylic paints. They surely can add a dash of of charm to any wall of your home or office.

Birds of Paradise
Birds of Paradise
Cheerful birdies
Colourful birds

Home Accessories

These little home accessories are sure to get your creative juices flowing. Again inspired by Indian folk art the trays and trinket box are so full of colour. They possess a unique freshness which is as bright as the summer sky.

Chirping bird
Fortune Fish

Landscape Accesories

Add a zing to your garden or green corner with beautifully painted stones. The stones are well inspired by nature and release impressions of the artist’s love for living creatures.

A fairy tale affair – Beetle & the frog
Butterfly 🦋 Affair

Wall Canvas

You just can’t scroll these without taking a second look. Each piece is a rich mix of folk art, doodling and the artist’s excellent sense of using unique colour combinations. The wall hangings are an inspired version of Gond tribal art  which depicts nature & harmony in perfect balance.

Radha Krishna Painting
Doodle Deer
Gond Tribal Art
Tree of life

Hope you enjoyed going through this glimpse of incredible art work by Meenakshi. All of these Artworks and many more are available on order. They can be customised to your requirement. To order and see more of her Artwork follow this Link.

Image courtesy – Tulika (All the images are the property of the Artist and may not be copied without prior permission.)

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