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Trending DIY Queens – Do it Yourself!!

Diy crafts & makeovers are one the most trending form of art in home decor & art enthusiasts these days. By indulging in DiY art & makeovers we not only craft our own passion but also in turn reduce & reuse things which might otherwise be thrown away. So this week we thought of celebrating this amazing form of Art & Craft and reached out to our favourites in the field. These entrepreneur women are not only the best makeover queens but are also running successful Instagram accounts and hashtags. It has been a great experience coming across these wonderful bunch of women & today they are here on the blog to say a hello & give you some amazing DiY Inspiration.

Singing Sparrow

‘The singing I like best is when I sing’ ……These words by Mart Rubin stood absolutely true when we came across this fearless, never give up kind of artist who creates masterpieces out of anything & everything. Rashi Kohli Bajaj, it is!!! We recently came across her Instagram profile & since then we are hooked to it. She certainly sings to the tunes of her unique form of distressed art. The countless makeovers of old furniture pieces on her page showcase amazing before-after transformations & they have totally rolled us over. A self taught artist turned into a creative entrepreneur, Rashi runs her own workshop studio in Gurugram, where she creates the magic with her own hands on various forms of furniture, wall art & home decor accessories.

Have a look at this dramatic transformation of an old chest of drawers into a gorgeous cabinet & we bet you will love to stop by her page. Whether its a sideboard tuned into a vintage Rajasthani cabinet or a contemporary bed set spruced up into a shabby chic floral piece, Rashi rocks it all.

Glamorous transformation where different drawers narrate a different story – Source
Vintage Distressed Look Sideboard – Source
Old Bed transformed into a shabby chic floral piece- Source

So, if you are intrigued to get your old furniture refurbished as much as we are then just click here to connect to her.

Being Creative Noopur

Another DiY enthusiast who has won us over is the incredible Kolkata based artist Noopur. If there is a boss of Acrylics then we would love to crown her with that tag. We love the way she uses acrylic paints in her projects and makes lovely daily use objects. She credits her passion for art to her mother & feels acrylics & clay modelling are her strengths. While following her engineering career she balances life through art & has turned her hobby into profession.

Her artwork on tables, chairs, cups, plates & other daily objects is loved a lot & is favourite among her clients. She recently collaborated with an Amsterdam based clothing brand Scotch & Soda & painted some amazing hats which have been the talk of the town for a while.

Upcycled Side Table – Source
Handpainted Kulhads- Source
Handpainted Hats- Source

For more of her artwork you can connect to her on Facebook, YouTube Blog

Up Cycling Rocks Dubai

Siddiqa Akhtar is the face behind the DiY Instagram account & the host behind the trending hashtag #diydesiway. We have been following her for long and can easily say this woman has a knack of flipping things upside down and turn them into brand new pieces. She is a design engineer turned a homemaker and now a renowned up-cycling artist. Her passion for home decor was sensed by her husband and he pushed her into this creative field and since then there has been no looking back for her. She is a favourite among her friends & acquaintances when it comes to up-cycling daily use objects.

She claims that Mosaic art is her forte and we love the way she has up-cycled simple mirrors through this form of art. We also love her decoupage DiYs and how she has remodeled small kitchenware items. You can check all the steps & details of these makeovers here.

Mosaic Mirror – Source
Art of Decoupage- Source

Siddiqa proudly boasts of the basic concept of her work as Recycle, Reuse, Re-purpose & we can’t agree more on how important it is to spread the awareness on wasting less and making more in today’s era.

Creative Kalakari

If you love vibrant & bold play of colours then you are surely at the right place. Shalini Jain, from Gurugram, loves to experiment with bold colours & is the brain behind the Instagram feed & hashtag #creativekalakari. Shalini, is again a self taught artist who has managed to follow her passion for art along with her full time job in the corporate sector. Her small decoupage projects & crafty handmade nameplates are being loved all over & she is beautifully customizing them for happy customers.

Funky Owl from Old Bottle – Source

While working as Digital Marketeer, Shalini is developing her skills in various art forms like Decoupage, Clay modelling & various Indian Folk arts & aims to spread these by running workshops in coming times. So, if you are looking for small scale daily use DiY Ideas you can find them all on her website, facebook, blog.

Desi Diy Divyakandala

Some makeovers tell a story all by themselves. That’s how we felt when we came across Divya’s Instagram profile. Her furniture transformations & stenciling details are just swoon worthy. Going by the words of Albert Einstein~ Creativity is Contagious, she loves to spread her art & brings affordable ideas into her client’s homes. Through her blog she aims to help and empower DiY enthusiasts, who are new to the creative field & are looking for new ideas.

Have a look at the pretty swing in her patio and how beautifully she has given it a new life. The bright yellow splash has given it such a charming, vibrant & traditional Indian look. If you scroll through her projects you will agree as much with us when we call her a Sunshine Queen…… she truly can create magic with Yellow. To know detailed Diy procedure of the Swing makeover click here.

Pretty Sunshine Swing- Source
Beautiful Stencil Art- Source

Another dramatic makeover of her’s that we love is Raised Stencil DiY. Just look at how she has transformed a thrift store find into an aesthetically gorgeous table which takes the center stage in her living room & has all eyes rolling.

Simple table gets a beautiful texture through Raised Stencil Art – Source


Shilpi settled in Dubai is the founder of this DiY space. After a long five year job in the pharmacy sector, her childhood passion for art & craft recently resurfaced. Slowly and steadily she moved ahead to establish herself in this field and now has more than 11K followers loving her creativity. She also owns a YouTube channel where she shares her ideas & steps leading to her Diy creations.

You can find plenty of colourful DiYs on her feed. Our favorite wall art from her home is featured here. Look at the clean lines she has managed to put across while using the full size wall as a canvas. Also do not miss out on her cute little irresistible DiY fridge magnets .

Diy Wall Art- Source
Diy Fridge Magnets- Source

Padmini Sg

What started as a trial refurbishment for her new apartment in USA, is now Padmini Selvaganesan’s passion & her way to connect to the world. Various decor enthusiasts are appreciating her work and following her for guidelines on decoupage technique. In Padmini’s words it is the easiest form of art which turns everyday things into eye catchy elements.

Have a look at how easily or perhaps how neatly she has spruced up & given a gorgeous look to the simple thrift store finds.

A beautiful makeover with Decoupage & Stenciling technique- Source
Decoupage Dining Table- Source

So folks, if you are bored with your old furniture, Padmini can definitely help you to add some freshness to it.

Hope this post inspired you to try your hands onto some interesting projects which you might have kept in your pending list earlier. Do let us know if you try any of these ideas. For any tips, tricks or DiY hacks, these creative women will be more than glad to answer your queries, just drop a message below or shoot them a DM .

We will soon be back with more inspiring ideas, until then, Keep the spirits high & Do it Yourself!! Cheers!!

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