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Tray Decor Ideas

Tray Decor – Let the Serving Trays come out of your kitchen shelves and create a spark⚡ in your home!

Image – Design.Decor.Travel.

On this cloudy morning in the hills as I sit down to enjoy my cup of tea, the serving tray holding it, gives me a volume of ideas and I just love sharing my thoughts with you. Hope you enjoy going through these as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Ideas to reuse your Serving Trays and turn them into Chic Organisers!

Let the tray sit on your coffee table and add an accent with your favourite vignette, candles & some greens. (Image

Your coffee table books can well be organised along with a candy box & some flowers to brighten up any corner or table top (pc- Pinterest)

(pc- Pinterest)

Well! The trays act as a perfect bathroom organiser. Let your guests get a five star feel with well organised vanity adding a spark to the bathroom shelf (Image

Your outdoor patio gets a centrepiece as soon as you gather up some colourful vignettes, favourite reads and fresh flowers together and set them up in a tray. (pc- Pinterest)

Customise your Old tea Pots or jars into planters and jazz them along with an old tray to give your serving table or coffee table an extra edge. (pc- Pinterest)

Give your house an ethnic Indian decor with the traditional thali or puja thali acting as an accent piece. (pc- Pinterest)

Turn your trays into flower holders while they peacefully glow a delightful corner (Image

If you are in love with knick knacks, just like me, then Trays are the perfect holders. Whether its souvenirs from your travel trips or momentos you want to preserve for a lifetime or just the latest decor buys. (pc- Pinterest)

Set them on your bar counter to hold all your bar accessories at one place, surely your ‘bar-tender’ is going to love this neat & functional decor. (Image

Let them stay where they belong to, and turn them into kitchen organisers. They certainly give a clean shot to your kitchen countertops. (Image
So next time you are bored serving in the same tray do not discard it. Turn it into an organiser without spending a single penny . Just gather and organise what you have and let them do the rest.

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