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The Quirky Cafe

In our everyday life we visit many places some we notice and some go unnoticed ! Today, a Valentine special lunch was an enchanting experience not just because of the lip smacking food but a splendid ambience!

 A newly opened Sass and Guff cafe located at MG road Gangtok, Sikkim offers a world of exquisite charm. The cafe interiors are quirky enough to serve you a vibrant yet relaxing atmosphere with a magnificent valley view from the large windows .
Whether you want to enjoy – the cloudy skies , rainy evenings or immerse yourself in a sunny warmth this place is a perfect hideaway!The sight of buddhist flags fluttering in the chilly winds spreads a brush of spritual vibe and makes it even more memorable.

The rustic interiors with cafe stretched over two floors and a double height roof forms a beautiful view from the balcony above.
The creative patio seating on one end with hanging wines and a corner dedicated for live music extends an eclectic outdoor leisure.

The comfortable throwback couches in a bright hue of Turquoise display a unique Moroccan aura(matching my colour of happiness ………. as  mentioned in my previous blog,   What’s your colour of happiness?)

The graphic paintings at the entrance and interior walls adds a pictorial drama to the air.

A corner above the stairs offers a Vintage glamour with a red telephone booth serving as a smoke room( goes well with the latest rules and a favorite hangout for the faggers, of course making it kidz friendly)

The bar is simple yet impressive and the look is as delightful as the tangy cocktails it serves!Valentine day special was Bullet for my Valentine……..

Overall the cafe offers a wonderful “insideoutside” combination, satisfying your taste buds as much as it flavours your fancy dining ideas!



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