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    Christmas Decor Ideas

    DIY Christmas Decor Ideas Ho! Ho! Ho! When its December knocking everything Christmas-sy starts pondering over the mind….. A snowman in the meadow, some happily ringing sleighbells, a tall Christmas tree, some glistening fairy lights, the magical aroma of Plum cakes & a glass of red wine!  How dreamy is that? But why let the feeling be in dreams only, why not get some Christmas decor right into our houses!! Even if not a winter wonderland we surely can bring the joy of Christmas ringing into your homes.  Christmas decorations can range from a huge Christmas Tree 🎄 to just a small star  🌟 hanging beside your window or let’s say a little…

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    10 Floral Decor Ideas for your Home

    Floral Decor Ideas Bright & Cheery Home Interiors are always a welcome & we all look forward to making our homes vibrant & happy. Springing up a Floral flair definitely works best for adding a cheerful note to the home.  Floral themes bring a joyous vibe in the home with an added splash of colour around. Here I have collated some ideas where a floral element stands out boldly & spreads a cheerful radiance. These floral tips will surely transform your home with fresh patterns & designer ideas without indulging into major makeover schemes. So experience this blossoming fantasy tour and bookmark your favourite Floral Decor Idea!  Floral Rug Give your entryway, foyer…

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    Room Divider Ideas – Add a Creative Layer

    Room Divider Ideas Whether you are making space for multiple activities, or looking for creating a cozy nook in your room or just aimimg to separate different areas for better management, ‘Room Dividers or Partitions’ are the most preferred option. This post will help you get ideas, which collates a variety of  Room Divider Ideas which offer unique & creative ways to carve out your space as per your needs. While these Room Dividers are functionally outstanding they are elegantly gorgeous too !!  Contemporary Room Divider This idea works perfect when you are looking at separating your living or drawing areas. It acts as a charming showcase for your collectibles…

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    Floor Seating Ideas

    Floor Seating Ideas Come Monsoon and its once again time to refresh your home with little changes to enjoy the pitter- patter. I don’t know it’s only me or my dear readers too, who enjoy the fragrance of that first spell, the earthy aroma which touches the senses and I just long for a ‘no work day’ with a cup of warm tea to snuggle around a bunch of floor cushions. Yeah, today’s morning spell has made me ponder over hugging the floor & create some casual seating to relax & enjoy my favourite season. Floor seatings are not just a trending Interior option today but have been in Indian…

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    3D Interiors-Visual Inspiration

    The world of 3d Visualisation & Animation has become a mainstream technology over a recent period of time and is growing leaps and bounds. It  brings to you a real time feel of the space you want to possess. Have a look at some Ispirational work being crafted by young minds……. PRceptive Design Studio have created some well curated & client sensitive Interior designs. Their 3D visualisation is beautifully expressed in the well crafted 3D drawings. The drawings are woven around the client’s requirements with each & every detail taken care of. A Bohemian Touch This well lit Dining area for a Poland based client, has been given a Bohemain makeover…

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    Quirky Home Decor – CHUMBAK

    If you are on the lookout for some unique & catchy Home Decor Stuff then Chumbak is surely a not to be missed brand. Chumbak stands by its name – certainly  attracts your Creative niche. Lately, it sparked my interest with its unique & catchy Summer stuff which tickled my Home Decor senses. I would not be wrong in saying that they really own some Quirky stuff. While researching its products, I came across a few Chic bedspreads & cushions which certainly seem a perfect fit in the Contemporary Home interiors today. The fancy designs & colourful patterns spark some Summer refurbishment goals we discussed last week . Check out some of their Quirky Home Stuff…

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    10 DIY Curtain Tie Back Ideas

    Are you looking for Curtain Tie Back Ideas? Tying back curtains stylishly gives an added statement to the windows or openings. Buying tie backs can be an added expense while having a limited choice in the market as well. Why not make some pretty creative tie backs at home.  Here I have rounded up a few gorgeous Ideas to give a Chic look to your Curtains.  You can craft these tie backs by adding a little imagination & DIY skills to your household items & crafty accessories. Satin Flower String Pom Pom Tassle Satin Bow Home Made Art Necklace Curtain Tie Back Cling me Clip me Tight A Nautical Touch Pine Tassle…

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    Is your Home, Summer Ready?

    While we are still musing in the Spring impressions, Summer is right here hitting bright & banging loud on us. Just as we switch our wardrobes, drinks & food, its the right time to spruce up our homes, if we haven’t done it yet, to create a wholesome space which keeps us cool & breezy. Think of summers and a feel of coastal  calmness, lemony drinks & flowery fragrance engulfs us. Lets get some of these into our interiors & make our home take a cool dip. Switch Heavy textures Start off from where the everyday begins. Switch the heavy dark coloured winter bedsheets & go for lighter breathable cotton…

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    Kids Room Ideas

    Kids Room – Let’s make creative Memories Because they are your heart & soul so the design of their space comes straight from the depth of your heart. Making a room for your little monsters is the best thing you would love to do. How about going through these playful ideas to brighten up your young explorer’s space. ‘Let’s make Creative Memories’ Reading Space Make room for one more story! Bedtime stories are bedtime memories which we make with our kids. So enjoy every storytelling by making a comfy spot for yourself. Perking it up with a geometric pattern on the wall, adds colour to the treasured moments. Colourful Storage…

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    TV Consoles – a Style Guide

    Your Tv Console or media console can be much more than just a tv cabinet, it can work as the entertainment zone of your house which holds all your media accessories. The correct design of your tv cabinet can make room for a quality family time where you can watch movies, play games, listen to music or even karaoke with friends. Here we have rounded up some eclectic tv console ideas for you.