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    Christmas Decor Ideas

    DIY Christmas Decor Ideas Ho! Ho! Ho! When its December knocking everything Christmas-sy starts pondering over the mind….. A snowman in the meadow, some happily ringing sleighbells, a tall Christmas tree, some glistening fairy lights, the magical aroma of Plum cakes & a glass of red wine!  How dreamy is that? But why let the feeling be in dreams only, why not get some Christmas decor right into our houses!! Even if not a winter wonderland we surely can bring the joy of Christmas ringing into your homes.  Christmas decorations can range from a huge Christmas Tree 🎄 to just a small star  🌟 hanging beside your window or let’s say a little…

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    Winter Decor Trends & Tips

    Trending Winter Decor Tips While Autumn has set in after a long spell of rains here in the east, winters seem no far away. The bright and cheerful mornings and mild breezy evenings are soon going to turn into chilled windy days. This is also the time of the year when festivities are just around the corner. While we are busy shopping new clothes & accesories, it is also the best time to revamp our houses.  Little changes to our home decor can turn our home into our cozy nest & make it look festival ready. So let’s take some inspiration from these lovely pictures which will help us to…

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    10 DIY Curtain Tie Back Ideas

    Are you looking for Curtain Tie Back Ideas? Tying back curtains stylishly gives an added statement to the windows or openings. Buying tie backs can be an added expense while having a limited choice in the market as well. Why not make some pretty creative tie backs at home.  Here I have rounded up a few gorgeous Ideas to give a Chic look to your Curtains.  You can craft these tie backs by adding a little imagination & DIY skills to your household items & crafty accessories. Satin Flower String Pom Pom Tassle Satin Bow Home Made Art Necklace Curtain Tie Back Cling me Clip me Tight A Nautical Touch Pine Tassle…

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    An Eclectic Home

      A Tour of an Eclectic Home that spreads grace & poise. Rakhi & Tarun’s Ahmedabad home is a vibrant, eclectic & modern residence curated in a neutral palette. The house is effortlessly welcoming with its minimalist approach which turns into a warm, cozy & stylish abode.   Team Design.Decor.Travel visited the Home and the simplistic approach intrigued their interest. Designed by Interior Designer Niraj Shah from I Do Designs, Ahmedabad, the home features a soothing, calm & delicate canvas exuding delightful warmth.  Each stroke has been  crafted with careful indulgence of the lady of the house, Rakhi, who wanted a home which reflects their personal style of refined living.…

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    TV Consoles – a Style Guide

    Your Tv Console or media console can be much more than just a tv cabinet, it can work as the entertainment zone of your house which holds all your media accessories. The correct design of your tv cabinet can make room for a quality family time where you can watch movies, play games, listen to music or even karaoke with friends. Here we have rounded up some eclectic tv console ideas for you.

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    Wall colours – Theme it up!

    Wall Colours Today I have rounded up a quick guide to Wall colours and how dressing up your walls in the right colour gives an instant life to your room. Just adding a hue of your favourite colour can widely affect your day and work as a mood booster as well as a stress buster. Here are tips to know the different colours, their qualities and their effects! So go ahead and choose your colour of happiness from the palette!! Hues of Red Create a living room that can turn heads! Red since ages is known to be a stimulating color which raises energy levels. Adding hues of red to…

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    What’s your Colour of Happiness??

    The colour we surround ourselves with, directly influences our state of mind, it either triggers our emotions or slows us down. The heart sings to the tunes of new beginnings when the hues of orange overcast the grey paradise turning it into clear blue skies, a unique soulful aroma is spread while we tread in the lush green forests filling our lives with joy and contentment, a look at the horizon with a mix of blue, purple and brown on the sandy beaches charms the inner self to dance to the song of the sea and when the moon sparkles with its silver shine over grey heavens, the world seems…