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Surajkund : A unique celebration of Art,Decor & Culture

A glimpse of an Indian fantasy land of art, decor & culture which carries and captivates you into a mesmerizing world of grandeur of heritage art and traditional culture.

Surajkund Mela, an initiative of Haryana Tourism, held every year in the month of February at Surajkund, Faridabad is a unique celebration of art, craft, decor, food & culture. A splendid colourful treat where more than 20 foreign countries including  SAARC nations and all states and UTs of India come together to display their diverse handicraft and culture. Different artists and craftsmen showcase their skill and creativity through this colourful bonanza.


Surajkund Mela was started way back in 1987 and it derives it’s name from the ancient reminiscents of an amphitheatre said to be constructed in 10th century AD by Raja Surajpal of the Tomar Dynasty.  The amphitheatre has a Lake (Kund) in the centre with seating, resembling the Greek amphitheatres, around it and a temple dedicated to Sun (Suraj) God, thus it derives it’s name. The excavations have been well maintained by the Haryana government and it has become a major tourist attraction over the years.

The Surajkund (sunpool), an ancient amphitheatre

A Cauldron of joy…….

The Mela is nothing less than a cauldron full of fun , happiness and colourful joy all around. It’s a wonderful display of the vibrant culture of India and gives you a taste of the magnificent diversity it possesses in various art fields, whether in pottery, handloom or sculpture or even music, dance and food.

The Mela recognizes the unique craftsmanship of different states and promotes the traditional art & culture which is otherwise fading away in this era of Modernization where machines have taken over the age old handicrafts.

From entering into the Mela till you go around the whole premise , you experience every shade of this beautiful country as well as some neighbouring nations. Tourists, art lovers and craft enthusiasts from all over the world throng this International Mela and rejoice in the celebration of the heritage art and traditional culture.

Entrance Gate: “Uttar Pradesh” was the theme of 2018.

Every year one Indian state is chosen as the theme of the Mela  and the entrance gate is also done up by that state. This way the Mela turns out to be a new experience every year

The mosaic lamp stall spreads a glistening charm around the Mela
Stalls of Artifacts by Foreign nations displaying their unique native art

 This spectacular cultural extravaganza is a one of its kind blend of Indian cultural ethos and  Regional & International craftsmanship. 

The performers from Kyrgyzstan (the official partner 2018)
(Pic courtesy: A dear friend Poonam Parmar)
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