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Style your Trunks – DIY Ideas

Wedded to the Olive green, life has been a tumultuous yet joyful journey moving from one place to another, packing and unpacking stuff every second year (precisely 10 times in 15 years). But I couldn’t have dreamt of a better life &  better adventures. Every place has been a new learning and every move has given me a new home, a new hope, a new dream, many new friends & a handful of new ‘Trunks’

As an Architect & Interior Designer, I’ve always worked on ideas to preserve these trunks even after we retire into one place. Today, I sit down to share some of the DIY ideas on how to Style these trunks & use them as an element of Home Decor.

A Story to tell…….

Recently when we shifted home a friend asked me “ye itne kaale kaale box mein kya hai” ….. and I wanted to say ye kaale box nahi hain ye khazana hai meri zindagi ki khushiyon ka ! !

They are not black boxes but a treasure of my beautiful memories ! They are beads of my dreams which I have stringed together one by one with love and care! Each bead has its own story to tell………..

If one carries my years of vignette collection the other carries the memories of my first kitchen . From one bead to a number of almost two scores they are the beholders of my journey of life! They carefully carry my collection of memories from bumpy roads to snowy tracks, from dusty plains to rocky plateaus, from coastal beaches to hilly ridges! Yes it’s the strong walls of these black trunks which realize my bizarre passion to shop from every corner I travel to. My love for the fragile crystal, charm for the antique curios, craze for the art jewelry and desire to drape my home in colourful upholstery is carefully wrapped in these rustic containers.

And above all they are not just preservers of my collectibles but a cocoon which swathes the most beautiful chapter of my life. They are the keepsakes of my emotions which I want to hold onto forever, my sons’ first outfits, the beloved romper & hat, my little Michael Angelo’s first canvas, a handful of  photo albums, which have their own story to tell……

Every time I open these, a treasure of memories comes back to me and I somehow don’t want to part with them. Every possession in these trunks is a ‘memento’ close to my heart!!

Ideas to Style your Trunks

Metal trunks are a trending Interior Design element these days for people who are looking for character pieces of furniture. They along with being functional storage objects add a touch of Industrialism to the modern interiors. 

Chic Coffee Table






If you like the industrial look in your house then just placing the trunk at an appropriate place and using it as a coffee table is a super idea. Let it stay in the raw look or  paint it in the colour which blends with your decor. The repainted metal trunk gives an easy and interesting alternative for a coffee table while adding a chic character to the interiors. The roomy compartment can easily be used for storage as well.

Small Sitting

Turning the trunks into a Settie or small corner sit out is a conventional idea which I’m sure many of us are following. Just adding up a foam mattress and coupling it with colourful cushions makes a comfortable sit out. It can brighten up any corner or add glamour to a covered balcony or terrace.

Bedside Accessory


Your Vintage trunk or Chester box can act as a perfect nightstand. This exquisite style can add a charming look to your room while storing your valuables in it.

Paint or stick an attractive Sticker on the trunk & let it make a unique mark in your room. The crude look & lines of the trunk in its raw form add a zing to this teenage room set up.The skull paint adds an extra spice to it.

Vintage Sofa


Give your home an industrial charm by up scaling the trunk into a dashing sofa. Add feet to it along with some extra reinforcement for support. Choice of your preferred patterned fabric  gives an incredible makeover to it & is certain to pull looks towards it.

Gorgeous Table


Add legs to the trunk and turn it into a gorgeous  vintage look table. Isn’t this a fabulous furniture piece for the entryway or side display.


Dress me Up!




Give your trunk a Fairy tale makeover by dressing it up in lacy textile and dressy design. Use it as keepsake of your treasured possessions or your little girl can enjoy it as her dreamy Doll house.  Lining it with textile even makes room for keeping your favorite sari & pearls,  safe & pretty.

Style Makeover!

Restore the old trunk by using the art of Decoupage to give it an all new look. The art of decoupage is an easy & quick DIY option to turn old things into new eye catching items.


Paint me Bright


Use your creative thumb and turn them into your canvas. Paint them in a traditional pattern and let them sit indoors or in outdoor patios. They are certain to add colour to your set up while being the eye candy for visitors.

This Diwali, I opted for dressing my old trunk with my favourite shade & look how it has added a charming festive vibe to the corner.



Every trinket of my Home tinkles in these boxes & trunks!

If you like the ideas or have some of your own do let us know ! You may also like to read Tray Decor Ideas


My favourite trunk in my house


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