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Room Divider Ideas – Add a Creative Layer

Room Divider Ideas

Whether you are making space for multiple activities, or looking for creating a cozy nook in your room or just aimimg to separate different areas for better management, ‘Room Dividers or Partitionsare the most preferred option.

This post will help you get ideas, which collates a variety of  Room Divider Ideas which offer unique & creative ways to carve out your space as per your needs. While these Room Dividers are functionally outstanding they are elegantly gorgeous too !! 

Contemporary Room Divider

This idea works perfect when you are looking at separating your living or drawing areas. It acts as a charming showcase for your collectibles while dividing your space for respective functions.


Lattice Screen Room Divider

Sometimes simplicity works best while working out interiors. This patterned lattice screen attached with a writing shelf looks eloquently functional in this bedroom. It gives the perfect division of sleep and study area.


Staggered Bookcase

This staggered bookcase works great for a small room, while dividing areas it stores as well as displays books & nick nacks.

Via AMEPAC furniture

Nautical Rope Divider

Get that stylish chic look into your home office, bedroom or living area by creating rope partitions. These dividers can be worked out as a DIY solution & will definitely add a style statement in your space.

Via Homify

Metal Divider

Metal partitions work great for patios, decks or entryways. They can be customised into a variety of designs, are low on maintenance &  easy to install. This metal tree in the entryway gives a decorative look while standing as a perfect space divider.

Via Pinterest

Upcycled Dividers

Wow! Could you imagine that those shabby looking wood crates could be up-cycled into chic partitions and can give a modest look to your interior. They can act as a bookcase to plant holder to a tangy display shelf.


Planter Room Divider

Placing planters and creating an area division is the simplest, easiest & most affordable option. Not that it doesn’t carry the interior charm as much as other divider ideas do, infact, it adds an instant air of freshness to the space. Whether you are looking for a study partition, dining room partition or kitchen it works great in every role.


Plant Stand Divider

You may also create a playful metal plant screen in between different areas. This can be easily  customised as per requirement and is again an affordable option while maintaining the charming character of interiors.

Via Pinterest

Closet Room Divider

Now this one is for those who are looking to maximise storage while dividing required space. Closed wooden cabinets as partition between areas is simple yet a functional & stylish option.

Via Searchome

Multifunctional Rack Divider

A triangular module based divider is a good option when you want light and air to keep passing even when areas are divided based on functions. Clamped between floor and ceiling in an opening, this multifunctional display rack divider showcases its own grace and poise.

Via Instagram

Tree Branch Divider

For those who want nature to come to interiors, this option is a definite must have. Create a divider screen by fixing treated branches from floor to ceiling. This indoor nature screen is no less than a sculpture for your home.

Via Artesanatos

Maze Divider

This option can easily be worked out as a DIY project where a rope,thread or fabric maze is created between a fixed wrought iron frame.


Display Wall Room Divider

You can create a divider wall with display niches overlooking both sides thus creating an eye candy for the interiors. Such options work best in entryways and living areas.

DIY Green Wall Room Divider

Bamboo branches  upcycled into DIY planters is a wonderful idea for creating a divider screen. Compiling them in a composition with hanging ropes creates a superb green interior space. It adds a glam style to the interior as well as can work best as outdoor dividers on patios, terrace and gardens.

Via Instagram

Crystal Bead Room Divider

Although a basic room dividing idea which goes back to traditional era, crystal and Swarovski beads are still a charming option for contemporary interiors. This option works great when you are on the move or in rented accommodation as these are easily available in the market and are much easier to install and repack.

Image – Design Decor Travel

Hope some of these ideas make space in your abodes & intrigue your creativity. Let us know if we can help you with creating these and many more Room divider ideas for your space. 

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