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Nimtho – The Nepalese Flavour

Celebrate Tradition Celebrate Food

The newly opened Nimtho restaurant at MG Road, Gangtok is a celebration of tradition & authetic flavour. Nimtho means Daavat, so true it stands to its name. It definitely is a treat to oneself by soaking in an authentic north-eastern cuisine & an ambience of fresh village air.

The Interior.










Upon walking inside, you are welcomed by a traditional set up of a Nepali Kitchen. The kitchen displays an exact replica of traditional ‘Chulha’ & storage above cooking area as seen in Nepalese paintings & books. The traditional utensils carefully displayed greet you with a brush of village culture & tradition.

The restaurant spread over two floors is warm, cozy & inviting.


The walls are coated with mud plaster giving it an old village charm.The mud walls are further adorned with niches, traditional instruments and masks which are a testament of  the vibrant culture of Nepal.



The roof looks beautiful with bamboo mats acting as false ceiling and warm yellow light peeping through the chequered pattern of mat. There is ample sitting space with comfortable chairs and sofa giving it a neat & clean decor. Each table is further accentuated with locally made handicraft lamps of bamboo.


The Cuisine.

Nimtho offers a pure Nepali & Sikkimese cuisine. if you are looking for authentic Nepali food served in an equally authentic platter then this definitely is a not to miss food joint.



From the Tibetan acahari momos to the Sikkimese thali, everything is perfect & lip smacking.

Overall its a place which embraces taste while brushing us with the past cooking traditions & vignettes of Traditional Sikkim & Nepal.











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