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Monsoon Hacks for a Charming home

My Monsoon Story

Think Monsoons & the romantic jingles start tickling your mind. The idea of a cozy spot overlooking the monsoon showers with sounds of pitter patter adding to the beats of an old Bollywood song playing in the background and a cup of hot chai!! What a picturesque scene that lifts the spirits high!! 


But Come Monsoon, and the scene is absolutely different. The daily trouble of dealing with moisture, humidity & fungus makes all the romantic ideas hide in the clouds & worry of fungus and bad odour in the almirah, clothes, shoes tick tocks now and then. But applying small hacks to your everyday routine can actually rid you of this worry. 

Last year we got posted to an extremely rainy place where it rains almost ten months in a year. I was told that fungus is a major problem in every house and spoils almost all clothes and shoes if left untouched for a while. But I must boast now that it’s been more than a year, and  all my clothes , shoes and daily objects are safe & pleasantly charming. And now my friends ask….. How come ???? ………and I have a simple answer ‘just apply little monsoon hacks around the house and there you go!’

Here I have collated a few hacks which I applied in my home and have done great for me ! Hope some of these are helpful for you to keep your home as charming even in monsoons.

My Monsoon Hacks


Camphor Cubes or Kapur


The first and most useful item I discovered in past one year is Camphor or Kapur as we call it in Hindi. It is a superb absorbent and spreads a refreshing odour.

  1. Make small bundles of Camphor (6-7 pieces each) in a piece of cloth or old socks and keep it around in almirah shelves. Camphor will magically absorb all the moisture and keep your clothes dry. It also spreads its refreshing odour making clothes smell pleasant too.
  2. Placing camphor in your shoe rack in a similar way also works great. In fact, I went further by keeping small piece each inside leather shoes and boots and yes you guessed it right! My boots and leather accessories are all fresh without a spike of fungus.
  3.  The quality of Camphor to spread  refreshing aroma was further explored and I started using it in open areas too. Kept pieces of camphor around the house in flower vases, bowls & jars. This worked amazingly spreading a pleasant air around.
  4. Another way of spreading an instant aroma is by placing it in aroma candle diffusers. Just place camphor and a few Cloves (dry) in the diffuser tray and experience the refreshing odour when candle is lit underneath. Upon getting heated the fumes of camphor and clove together spread a soothing air.

Cloves & Dry Red Chillies

Another pair of daily spices which not only flavour food but are an excellent item to combat moisture & silverfish. I must admit that I have used both these spices not as much in the kitchen but as an ingredient of my storage trunks and suitcases. All my sarees have been intact, fresh and moisture ridden by placing these two items as base of the suitcase or trunk. They keep the insects at bay and help to reduce moisture in the clothes.

Neem Leaves

Now Courtesy for this saviour hack goes to ‘Dadima ke  nuske’. Keeping dried neem leaves in cupboards, cabinets and almirahs works efficiently, keeping all tiny insects and silverfish away. Burning them in the evenings and spreading its fumes around the house reduces  mosquitoes too.

Bulb in the Almirah

Yes, a hack which I learnt from my seniors and predecessors, but works good enough. Installing a zero watt bulb in the almirah reduces moisture to quite an extent as the warmth from the bulb keeps the almirah and cabinets dry.

Tibetan Incense & Powder

Tibetan Incense Sticks

Another problem of Monssons is an itchy odour everywhere. No matter u clean and wipe your house daily an unpleasant odour engulfs it due to moisture and lack of sunlight. Tibetan Incencse sticks along with Tibetan Prayer Powder works great in keeping your house always smelling fresh.

Salt in Floor Wipe

Its a great hack to add a teaspoon of salt during wiping the floor. Adding salt, absorbs any bad odour and acts as a natural disinfectant keeping tiny wriggling creatures, which come out in the monsoon,  away.

Aroma Diffuser

Aroma Diffuser Lamp

A pleasant fragrance is always welcoming and soothing. Using aroma diffuser has been the easiest and most convenient way of keeping my house refreshed and relaxing. You may chose from electric diffusers to candle diffusers along with various fragrance scents from lemongrass, cetronella to eucalyptus.

Fragrance Sachets

Fragrance Sachet

The market is full of fragrance sachets some of which are really refreshing and make the air pleasantly fragrant. Keeping them in washrooms & closets is a great idea for an ever fragrant home.

Hey! So now that your house is all set to be moisture free this season, so go ahead enjoy the monsoons to the fullest, let the romantic fantasies glow as you experience the raindrops pouring from your window!!

If you found these hacks useful do ping us and we will bring to you many more ideas to keep your homes dazzling and shining. You may also like to read 👉 Summer Hacks






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