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MOD Museum, UniSA, South Australia


MOD, is a futuristic museum of Discovery at the University of South Australia, Adelaide (SA).

Infact, it is 


It is a dynamic, exhibition arena that provides a platform for young enthusiasts in the field of science & technology to showcase their innovation & understand the need for research to shape our future.


The museum is one of its kind iconic space which brings together students, researchers, travelers & industry experts to interact, learn & display. The atmosphere of the arena kindles the spark of innovation & creativity.




Young minds experience a diversified expanse of interactive ideas from various fields woven together to create an innovative solution. The concept interlinks ideas from Science to Art, from Economy to Ecology, from Mathematics to Music to understand, inform & build a creative future.



The Talking Head ‘JOSH’ intrigues the interest & is modeled after a real person. It is an element which leaves us with so many questions. Whether it is a machine, a real human or a machine based on human?


ELIPHANY’S GENESIS 2 – A collection of Alien Plants as Lights that open & close to reveal an internal eco-system in constant change are an example of a futuristic design.



Team Design.Decor.Travel. on their visit to the museum experienced an aura of inspiration & motivation. The place ignites the flame of understanding the future needs and possibilities where young minds & enthusiasts strive to learn, experience & create. 

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