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Mayfair Kalimpong – A Trace of fairy tale

Visit to Mayfair Himalayan Spa & Resort Kalimpong – a whiff of a fairy tale experience.

Spectacular view of hills, lush green lawns, heritage hill architecture, tinkling sound of wind chimes & a pathway which is more than a hanging garden……. all this & much more embraces you with a warm & inviting feel. Yes! Mayfair Kalimpong carries you into a refreshing, breezy & cozy fantasy land.


Nestled atop the beautiful hilly town of Kalimpong, West Bengal, this place has an aura of timelessness. While the resort is now a property of Mayfair Hotels & Resorts it has a history dating back to good about 117 years. Earlier famous as the Himalayan Hotel & Resort it was an erstwhile residence of the famous Mac Donald Family (Year 1900). The resort has a fascinating history boasting of visit by several famous & distinguished personalities including Dalai Lama, Tenzing Norgay, Edmund Hillary, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru & many Hollywood & Bollywood figures including Richard Gere, Nargis Dutt & Sunil Dutt.

Enter The fairy Land……

The most awe inspiring feature of the resort is the entrance pathway. The ceiling of the pathway is laden with hundreds of hanging baskets with a variety of plants & succulents. The heat & light from the translucent ceiling creates an ambient atmosphere for the plants to flourish. The look is further enhanced with faux birds, bird nests & wind chimes.

The pathway leads to another green space where even the walls are laden with fresh & healthy plants.

Being a plant lover this space amused me & I stood there gazing at the thoughtful ceiling design & styling of the area. The ceiling is appropriately punctured with appropriate skylights making the whole area warm & lighted.

This inspiring entryway leads you to a beautiful verandah on the right where again I was mesmerised by the vintage furniture especially the wall mirror.

The center table is crafted out of an old tree trunk & is no less than a sculpture in itself.

Annie Perry’s Cottage

The other side of the pathway leads to a heritage block called the Annie’s cottage. This building is named after David Mac Donald’s daughter Annie Perry. It was built as a private residence constructed by stones, earth & trees available within the boundary. This building later served as the Himalayan Hotel & since then has stood witness to footfall of many notable personalities for being the first of its kind hill resort in Darjeeling-Kalimpong belt. As goes the tale, this old world building is said to have once resonated with the sounds of laughter, happiness & merrymaking.

The exterior of the cottage is preserved in its original look with sloping roof entrance veranda, ornate columns, chajjas & sills. The interior of the cottage consists of super deluxe heritage rooms with antique furnitur & Victorian drapes. Some of the rooms are even marked with the names of family members & famous personalities who have stayed in them like Room no.1 is named as Prince Peter’s Room.

Beside the Annie’s cottage is a small temple which depicts the Tibetan influence in its design.

Beside the temple is a covered path with old hanging vines which is a living testament of the past years.

The floor of the pathway is straight out of a fairyland with embedded mosaic tiles in patterns of flowers & petals.

Spectacular Green Blanket

Opposite the cottage is the most spectacular area of the resort. The lush green lawns dotted with comfortable seating & bright red garden umbrellas. The panoramic view of surrounding hills from the lawn is truly enchanting. The view of a Stupa in the vicinity & the sound of wind chimes placed all over the area spread an air of peace & serenity all around.

Another eye catching feature is a glass gazebo named the Igloo, which is just so perfect to bask in the sun while the outside curls in the chilly breeze of Kalimpong.

The whole area is well manicured & you just can’t take your eyes off the beautiful flowers, planters & lanterns all around. A small area with statues of Smowhite & the seven dwarfs is an instant favourite with kids.

Truly speaking this place is a perfect place to hit snooze to the work grind & relax. To be honest I am falling short of adjectives to describe the bewitching glamour of the resort.


The sprawling lawn leads to Tiffany restaurant. It is a simple charming place giving a perfect English world feel from the entrance to the upholstery to the dress of the waiters.

The vintage table decor & blue pottery wall plates all together make up for a gorgeous lunch meal or a cozy supper time.

Art on walls

Another side of the resort leading to the swimming pool area offers a vibrant space with walls adorned in colourful murals & paintings.

The horse mural beside the swimming pool pathway is truly inspiring & is something similar to the mural in Mayfair Darjeeling.

Mamma Mia ……

If by now you feel I’ve said enough & you do agree it’s a Wow place…… Hang on! Move into the Mama Mia Bakery & you will never want to leave this place. The bakery with its magical aroma, plush leather chairs & floral backdrop is delightful & adorable.

The outdoor seating is a dreamy & cozy spot to soak the sunny warmth while tickling your taste buds with oven fresh delicacies.

There are many vintage possessions placed at appropriate corners to display the royal history & character of the erstwhile era from Hand pulled rickshaw to Land Rovers. Incidentally Land Rovers were brought to Darjeeling in the 50’s by British tea planters & since then this area is known as a Land Rover Country & a land where Land Rovers’ never die.

Music to the soul……

I have to admit that for a minute, I LOST myself. Sitting in the green arena, I could hear music in every brick & every leaf there. If I could, I would love to go back to this captivating place to stay on & hear the music of my soul.


Hope you all enjoyed the little tour of the resort from my lens. Like always I would love to hear your views & comments which motivate me to write &  inspire. Wishing you all Happy reading & happy times!!

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