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Kids Room Ideas

Kids Room – Let’s make creative Memories

Because they are your heart & soul so the design of their space comes straight from the depth of your heart. Making a room for your little monsters is the best thing you would love to do. How about going through these playful ideas to brighten up your young explorer’s space.
‘Let’s make Creative Memories’

Reading Space

Make room for one more story! Bedtime stories are bedtime memories which we make with our kids. So enjoy every storytelling by making a comfy spot for yourself. Perking it up with a geometric pattern on the wall, adds colour to the treasured moments.

Colourful Storage

This colourful storage rack idea certainly gives organising solution for the knick knacks and craft items. Using colourful baskets for storage adds on to the room decor.

Bunk Bed

Kids just love this! Sleeping on bunk bed is every child’s dream. This blue and white themed set up with striped rug makes a perfect room for mischievous masters to teenage explorers.

Colourful Cupboards

Having a colourful room for kids gives wings to their imagination & creativity. Using colourful and painted panels for cupboards adds the required colour in this space.

Themed Ceiling

Painting the ceiling in the child’s favourite theme adds play to the room. This set up keeps it simple on the floor and walls, the creativity is shifted to the ceiling and certainly opens door to child’s day dreaming ideas.

Wall art

This room comes to life and adds a statement with the Sunny Wall art. The Sun’s bright yellow cut out image on the wall gives a cheery warmth to the kids space.

Using Pegboard

Making room for pegboards on the walls gives flexibility to the child for displaying as well as storing their knick knacks.

Vibrant Furniture

Adding vibrant colourful furniture adds a funky statement to a child’s room. Using bright yellow paint on the bed frame in this set up turns this white themed room into bright & youthful space.

Frames on Walls

Adding photo frames to one wall is a great idea for displaying memories of your child as well as his/her art work. Using different coloured frames adds a colourful zing to the room.

Wall de’cals

Various Wall Stickers of Superheroes, Frozen & Disney characters are available online. Just paste them on a suitable wall of your child’s room and turn it into their favourite den.

Colourful Rug

Adding a kids patterned soft rug or play mat makes a colourful and safe play area for your toddler. Three year old Kabir loves his toys lined up and walls jazzed up in animal cutouts on the walls. His parents Ramneet & Vick say that Kabir can spend hours playing in this corner of the house safely while they are busy with routine chores. It indeed makes up as the best place for him to explore and imagine.

Favourite corner

My little monsters are Avid readers as well as football crazy. So their little reading corner gives them a cushiony spot to read while lazying around with their favourite themed cushions. I must tell you this is their favourite spot before bedtime which lets them explore and grow in their own way.

Dear Readers! I hope you found these ideas as playful as our little devils. Stay tuned and follow us for many more ideas. It will be wonderful if you share your comments & how you have or would love to do up your child’s room. 

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