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Is your Home, Summer Ready?

While we are still musing in the Spring impressions, Summer is right here hitting bright & banging loud on us.

Just as we switch our wardrobes, drinks & food, its the right time to spruce up our homes, if we haven’t done it yet, to create a wholesome space which keeps us cool & breezy.

Think of summers and a feel of coastal  calmness, lemony drinks & flowery fragrance engulfs us. Lets get some of these into our interiors & make our home take a cool dip.

Switch Heavy textures

Start off from where the everyday begins. Switch the heavy dark coloured winter bedsheets & go for lighter breathable cotton bedspreads in hues of pastel shades & summer prints.

Swap the woolen carpets & rugs with the traditinoal ‘dhurrie‘ or choose a rug made of khadi, jute or cotton.

Rearrange your Furniture

To create a happy space, just play with the existing furniture and work out a different combination. Keep it simple to maximize open space.  Trust me it will give your room  an all new facelift. It has been my most effective therapy when seasons change.

Add more Greens

Bringing greenery inside not only adds a decor statement to your home but also brings life into  interiors. Surround your home with easy to care plants like aloevera, cacti or succulents which require minimum water but spread maximum coolness & also keep pests and germs away. So, give a dramatic connect of nature to your home by hanging, suspending or just placing pots & greens across your home.



Indulge in a ‘Go clean’ mission this Sunday. Just clear everything unwanted from wardrobes to cabinets to drawers. Work on the minimalist approach & brush your space with a neat, tidy & clean look. Mark a definite space for every trinket, from toys to books to pens, pencils & key-bunches. You’ll certainly feel relaxed, organised & much cooler.

The Illuminati



Something that we tend to overlook, bulbs produce heat and add to the temperature of the room. Give your home a well executed glow by using LED energy saving bulbs rather than the incandescent bulbs. The energy efficient lighting fixtures save onto electricity as well and emit much lower heat and are available in all colours to lighten up your mood.

Diffuser lamps


Use aromatic diffuser lamps in the evenings and feel the mystical aroma. Aromatic oils like lemongrass & cetronila also keep away bugs while spreading a fresh fragrant air across the house.



Choice of upholstery can make a large difference in making your home feel cool. Using light sheer curtains for the breezy windows allows in circulation of wind making house cooler in the mornings and evenings. Use of pastel tones & flowery prints brings in the feel of better side of summers.

Bright summer prints in Cushions & Throws add on to the  summer cheer. Cushions & throws, if correctly chosen, can be an element of accent as well as harmony in our interiors. Fruity & floral patterns in summer palette are the trending styles of Summer 2018..

Coastal Charm

If you want to go a step further & give a plush makeup to your walls, then what’s better than bringing the ocean inside, this summer. Choose from a wide range of breezy blue options from the colour palette of indoor paints & let your senses sooth in the cool waves.

Hope you found these easy to do tips & hints useful & trendy. Share with us your idea of a Summer Ready home.  If you implement any of these do share pictures with us and we will feature your home on our blog site. Cheers to that & wish u Happy sunshine!

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