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Are u looking for a way to spruce up a patio, balcony or terrace in your home ? Did u always want to get in a patch of green in your house without having the trouble of mowing the lawn ! Hang on !

Artificial Grass Carpet tiles are the perfect solution for your need of getting the outdoor feel without much hassle .

These carpet tiles are actually an artificial surface of synthetic fibre made to look like natural grass ! Also known as artificial turf grass carpet/tiles, they are the most sought after alternative for real grass in recent times.

Advantages of Artificial grass tiles

  • Low on maintenance ! Infact they do not require any maintenance except the usual brooming up in case you drop anything ! They save you the time & energy spent on mowing, trimming or watering your lawn.
  • Instant green look ! Your balcony or terrace gets an instant facelift as soon as the tiles are laid . Infact the look is so real that no one would know it’s artificial grass until you tell them .
  • Hurray ! Your kids and pets can rollover, crawl and play in the soft grassy feel to the otherwise hard stone, cement or tiled floor.
  • Hey there !Make family memories by just lying or relaxing on these grass tiles without worrying about allergies or insecticide hazards as it doesn’t attract bugs like otherwise green spaces.

In India the demand for artificial grass tiles has increased over a short span of time because of its low maintenance and easy installation.
Installation requirements

  • Flat surface – Laying artificial grass requires flat surface as uneven base can result in air pockets giving it a shabby look.
  • Floor – The grass tiles are versatile enough to lay on all commonly used flooring materials in balconies and terraces like brick, tiles , concrete or any hard surface.
  • Drainage – The tiles require a base with no or least drainage issues. Water clogging will result in poor results.

Installation time : Generally for balconies in flats and apartments the installation procedure is not more than half a day. Infact many products come packed with installation kits and small areas are easy enough to install all by yourself .
The Grass tiles are now available not only in rolls but also as interlock tiles which are much easier to install.

The edges of these tiles interlock like a puzzle and you get a realistic beautiful space giving you an outdoor splendour.

Where to buy them ?
You can buy from a nearby dealer or order online at Amazon. Let us know your location and we will guide you for the best options in your city.
To buy online u can browse through the link – https://www.amazon.com/Interlocking-Artificial-Grass-Tile-Anti-Fatigue/dp/B072QXM84P
Hope you found this informative !
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Adding a lush of green base to your balcony or terrace along with your potted plants will surely turn it into a charming hangout space!

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