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Holi Flavours!!

Holi is right here, and it’s the gateway to spring, a season full of colour, fragrance and sunshine all around! The festival brings you out of your winter blues and charges you up to rejoice the aroma of the new season. It’s the perfect time of the year to makeover your wardrobe and whats better than sprucing up your home too!

Rang Barse! Let some colour rain in your home !

Let’s welcome Spring ……5 easy tips!!

Holi hai!!

Add a splash of colour to your home this spring. Just bring in colourful cushions, throws and rugs! Fit them into your decor and let the vibrant colours do their job of spreading positive vibes around!

💐 Flowers!

The easiest and simplest way to happiness ! Bring in seasonal flowers and greens. Don’t restrict them just to outdoors and balconies , grab some indoor plants and let the corners of your home spell cheerful vibes!

Pots, planters!

The market is full of colourful plastic planters and earthen pots. Gather some up and cluster them in pairs to spell their colourful magic. If you have a creative thumb, then let your DIY skills bring out various shades and patterns!

Candles and candle stands!

Elate all your senses with aromatic candles coupled with colourful candle stands! Aroma Candles work as magic, soothing all your senses along with giving the visitors a fragrant welcome!

Incense sticks!

I just Can’t have enough of them especially the Buddhist incense sticks. A soothing fragrance goes a long way in completing your decor. Infuse your home with organic incense sticks and soak yourself in the glowing ember. Organic Incense sticks are also said to have brain health benefits and are widely used in Buddhist meditation and offerings bringing a sense of peace!

This Holi bringing in a dash of colour to your interiors involves just a little effort and vibrant results without bringing much change to your existing decor!

It would be wonderful if all you readers add your spring makeover ideas in the comment box. Let’s together strive to make happy, vibrant and colourful homes !

Wish u all a very HAPPY HOLI from Design.Decor.Travel.

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