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Gurudwara Nanak Lama Sahib, Chungthang- A Blissful Experience

Gurudwara Guru Nanak Lama Sahib, Chungthang

Nanak naam Chadhdi kalan, Tere Bhane Sarbat da Bhala

On our recent trip to North Sikkim, the most exhilarating & blissful experience was the visit to Gurudwara Nanak Lama located at Chungthang. The time spent in the Gurudwara premises is a divine experience and one can feel the peace and positivity in the air.


Chungthang, a small town located in the lap of beautiful lush green hills of North Sikkim is known to be blessed by the footsteps of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji. It is said that Guru Sahib visited this place along with Bhai Mardana during his journey to Tibet & China, and called it ‘Changi Thaan’ which in punjabi means nice and beautiful place henceforth the place got its name Chungthang. 

Main gurudwara surrounded by lush green hills

The Sacred Tale……

On reaching the place Guru Sahib & Bhai Mardana were attacked by a demon who threw a large rock upon them. Guru Sahib stopped the rock with a wave of stick and climbed the top of the rock & started singing hymns from the Gurbani. The melodious hymns enchanted the demon & he felt ashamed of his deeds & asked for forgiveness from the Guru & local residents.

The mark of Guru’s feet as seen on the rock even today

Local problems….

Guru Sahib solved many problems of the local people here. Rice cultivation was not possible here, when local people pleaded before the Guru, He took a handful of rice grains from his bowl and threw it around the area. Thereafter, till date plentiful rice cultivation is done in and around Chungthang.

The Old Gurudwara building

The Amrit….

The local residents and Lamas residing here worship the Guru since centuries and have made a small place of worship encircling the ‘rock’. The water flowing from a small fountain within this large rock neither flows out of the rock nor diminishes. The water is regarded as Holy and consumed as the sacred Amrit.

The holy water inside the rock

The Sacred Tree….

Around 50 ft from the sacred rock, Guru Sahib had buried his walking stick known as ‘khundi’. Here now stands a tree whose branches are in the shape of a walking stick and is henceforth known as ‘Khundi Sahib’

The tree known as Khundi Sahib

Journey Beyond…..

The Guru from here had also blessed the land situated at 17,120 feet & 80 kms from Chungthang.  The shepherds of the region had pleaded before the Guru about the problem of non availability of water in the region. Due to extreme climatic conditions, the water of the lake would freeze and there was no water available even to drink. On hearing their plight, Guru Sahib touched the frozen lake with his stick and the area melted into water. Since then even when the temperature drops to minus 30 degrees the water in this portion does not freeze. This miraculous event gave the name of Guru Dongmar Lake to this sacred water body which is a famous tourist destination & undoubtedly has a mesmerising aura. The water of the lake is  considered holy and said to cure fertility issues among couples.

Peace Tranquility Bliss
The holy water – Gurudogmar Lake – Peace Tranquility Bliss

The controversy

A small Gurudwara was built near the Lake and the Guru Granth Sahib, was worshipped here. Recently in 2017, some local people raised a controversy against the Sikhs worshiping this Gurudwara and claimed that Guru Nanak, the Sikh Guru, never visited the place. They say that instead a Buddhist Lama by the name of ‘Nanak‘ had visited here. To claim this, they stopped anyone from visiting this Gurudwara. Even the Holy Guru Granth Sahib has been moved from this Gurudwara to the Gurudwara Nanak Lama at Chungthang. A case has been registered by the Sikh devotees & is being followed up by the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib committee, Delhi. Till then the Gurudwara at Guru Dongmar Lake is closed for all visitors and pilgrims. The devotees can seek blessings of the Granth Sahib at the Gurudwara at Chungthang instead.

The Holy Shrine at Chungthang (Inside View)

Kar Sewa….

At present the Gurudwara at Chungthang, provides comfortable stay with langar facility. The Gurudwara is well maintained by the residing staff from the Bangla Sahib Kar Sewa committee. The Gurudwara is open at all times and looks forward to visitors who can contribute to the ongoing Kar Sewa and construction work.

Anyone visiting the Gurudwara can contact Gurudwara Incharge, Bhai Yadvinder Singh Ji – +91 96791 19960.

Waheguru Ji da Khalsa, Waheguru Ji di Fateh.

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