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For the love of Architecture & Travel

If you are a Wanderer with a lust for diving into the deep sea of Design, Architecture & Travel …….you have just clicked the right key!!

I have created this space for a conversation with your thoughts, passion and love for Design & Travel. This platform embarks you and me on a journey of thinking, writing, learning and sharing ideas on different shades of the palette called Architecture & Design. From learning about Architectural marvels around the world to designing your coffee cup coaster, this space talks all about the dreamworld of design, decor & travel.
This blog aims to bring to you daily, a shade of architecture as I share my experience about the various colours of the field.  I aspire to bring commendable works  of Architects, Designers and Art lovers on this platform.
This dais aims at bringing  all  who have an eye for creativity and yearn to be creative to come together and share their thoughts, views and experiences, especially my architectural fraternity &  design enthusiasts.

  • If you are a traveler  who captures places through an architectural lens, this would be an excellent place to share your shot

  • If you are a theorist who loves to write about people, space and buildings around us, this is the right place for you to scribble.

  • If you are a homemaker who loves to decorate every corner of her abode, this is a stage for you to share your creative spark.

  • If you are an artist whose best friends are colours and a paintbrush , then this is a canvas for you to splash your imagination.

  • And if you are the one who is passionate about all of these, lets get together, grow together, bloom together and add a tinge of our experience to this palette of colours.

I am sure this space and your valuable views will strengthen my passion for writing on people, places and their history and eventually will encourage me and other students & enthusiasts in their journey of architectural discourse.



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  • D D Bakde

    This is a good idea. It will encourage shy people like me to share thoughts and comments on any thing related to art and architecture, so also on teaching and learning process without criticism.

    • navneet singh

      Yes Sir, that is the aim to get the architecture fraternity to get together on this platform and strengthen our chords. And Sir I once read ur article on ‘concept’ , such ideas need to be spread amongst our students for creating better designers.

    • navneet singh

      Thanx Shivangi , I’m glad u like the idea , hope to stay connected and your ideas and comments will be most valuable ! The amazing reader and writer that you are , it will be wonderful to receive your inputs!

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