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Floor Seating Ideas

Floor Seating Ideas

Come Monsoon and its once again time to refresh your home with little changes to enjoy the pitter- patter. I don’t know it’s only me or my dear readers too, who enjoy the fragrance of that first spell, the earthy aroma which touches the senses and I just long for a ‘no work day’ with a cup of warm tea to snuggle around a bunch of floor cushions. Yeah, today’s morning spell has made me ponder over hugging the floor & create some casual seating to relax & enjoy my favourite season.

Floor seatings are not just a trending Interior option today but have been in Indian tradition through many civilisations. Not only in Indian culture, many countries around the world including Japan, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, China are popular with floor seating in both casual & formal set ups. In fact, Doctors all over the world have been advocating health benefits of floor seating for hundreds of years.

Here are a few Floor Seating options which are trendy enough to blend well in modern interiors as well as can turn any room into a charming, cozy & visually interesting space.

Casual Hobby Space

Stack up two or three foam or cotton  cushions, refabricate them & create a comfortable hobby area for yourself. If you have kids then I can bet this will soon become their favourite spot of the house

Large floor cushions

Blending floor cushions along with low seating furniture is a great idea. Adding up a small rug along with large cushions gives a semi formal traditional look to the set up,

Sea Breeze

Creating a summer cool floor seating along a large opening or window definitely brings in a breezy charm to the interior. I can vouch for it that you can Snuggle whole day long in this comfy set up

Traditional Spark

Create a colourful floor seating with traditional Indian accessories to get that festive feel in your interiors.

Large pillows

Make room for a casual reading space by customising extra large pillows. Gather them up on the floor & create comfortable reading space.

Reuse Mattress

What’s better than reusing old mattresses & turning them into a conceptualised sofa seating.

Meditation Space

Create a calm healing space in a room by using large floor cushions. Sitting on the floor for just ten minutes during a day can calm your body & senses. Floor seatings in a room overlooking outdoors can be a perfect meditation space.

Little Tea Nook

Floor seatings have the flexibility of bringing up small Tea nook in a room without creating much clutter. Just matching up some cushions along with a small table brings up a cute ‘chai’ nook.

Bohemian Touch

Create a Bohemian floor seating with a number of cushions & rugs. It sure turns out to be a perfect set up for a casual gathering or an evening card game.

Floor Dining

Through ages eating food while sitting on the floor has been a tradition in various civilisations. Blending this tradition in our contemporary homes today is not as difficult. Pairing up rugs and floor cushions can manage to give you a taste of the bygone era.

Cozy Corner

Rolling up an old quilt and pairing it up with cushions has given my room a cozy little corner to enjoy my before sleep reading & coffee.

Hideout Corner

It will be unjust if I don’t mention my favourite hideout on a lazy Sunday. My little floor lounge which has space just enough for my ‘MY Time’, created out of an old swing mattress and my all time favourite ‘buddha’ cushions.

Hope these instant floor seating ideas brighten up your homes both indoors and outdoors. You can easily brighten them up anytime with rugs & throws to simply lounge back & relaxPc


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