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DIY: Buddha 3D craft

DIY: Buddha 3D craft…..” My Peaceful Inspiration”

“The calmness on his face 

The peaceful vibe in the Air

Leaves a tranquil trace”

Give your wall a new look with the serene and peaceful calmness of Lord Buddha…….

Today, I would share with you my latest DIY creation …… . Let your creative spark bloom and give your home a colourful & peaceful vibe.

All you need –

For the above craft, all you need is the following:-

(a)  8-12 mm Plyboard size 2′ x 1.5′

(b)   Some old broken floor / wall tiles

(c)   Acrylic paints

(d)   Broken mirror

(e)   Adhesive

(f)   Steel / Iron Clips

Let’s get rolling…..

Firstly, the ply board needs to be thoroughly cleaned and prepared in case of any holes/voids. Draw an  outline sketch of Buddha with  stencil or by hand. Place the steel clips on the rear of the Ply board with the help of a drill or screwdriver so that it is easy to hang on the wall …. Note this is the first step, since it will be difficult to place the clips at the end.


Moving on …..

Paint the Buddha sketch with  colour of your choice, I preferred to use  Acrylic paints …….and paint it in my all time favourite ‘Black’.

Black expresses the power & strength of Buddha .

After painting the outline , next step is to paint the broken mirror pieces or glass pieces. I chose to paint them in hues of red and orange. Now LEAVE IT FOR  TO DRY for 15-20 mins.

In the meanwhile, arrange the broken tile pieces  as per size in the form of a mosaic art ………ensure that the surface of ply board is perfectly dry. Use adhesive (i used fevicol here) to paste the tiles on the board as shown in picture……….be careful of the sharp edges of the broken tiles. Use a glove as a precaution.

Next step is to paste or fix the broken  mirror pieces for the robe. By now the painted mirrors would be dry, so arrange them in the left over space above.

The colour red and orange signifies the cheerful & happy aura spread by HIS peaceful vibes.

Make sure your entire ply board is covered neatly with tiles & mirror….and very less voids are visible…

Use smaller pieces of the broken mirror to make the robe of Buddha….

The silvery shine from the broken mirror pieces exhibits a ray which exudes a glitter in the air. 

 DIY 3D craft is ready for display. Choose just the right place ……indoor or outdoor where u want it to be placed and wait for the compliments to be showered …………..Try this out & let your imagination flow with different designs. Once your DIY is ready………share the  pic and experience with us at Design.Decor.Travel.

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