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Christmas Decor Ideas

DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

Ho! Ho! Ho! When its December knocking everything Christmas-sy starts pondering over the mind…..

A snowman in the meadow, some happily ringing sleighbells, a tall Christmas tree, some glistening fairy lights, the magical aroma of Plum cakes & a glass of red wine! 

How dreamy is that? But why let the feeling be in dreams only, why not get some Christmas decor right into our houses!! Even if not a winter wonderland we surely can bring the joy of Christmas ringing into your homes. 

Christmas decorations can range from a huge Christmas Tree 🎄 to just a small star  🌟 hanging beside your window or let’s say a little tea light candle shining bright in a corner.

Here we have rounded up some easy DIY ideAs to decorate homes with the fun & festive spirit of the festival.  You will see that most of these ideas are either nature inspired or are crafted from things you already have in your homes. So, Let’s get started………….

Choose the palette

For me every decor begins by choosing the colours I would incorporate in the set up. The obvious selection for a Christmas palette is red & white!! Add festive glamour to it by introducing touches of gold & silver. But there is no rule for this one, you can go as experimental & also introduce green, copper & bronze into your set up.

  • Here I have created a quick Christmas set up with upturned wine glasses, flowers, candles & fairy lights. This set up goes well for a dining table,  coffee table or even for a quiet side table.

Lanterns, blooms & candles

No Christmas decor is complete without the use of candles. Candles have a magical impact of warmth & elegance.

  • What’s better than setting up an arrangement of candles along with blooms & lanterns. This pretty set up of a wooden lamp with faux flowers & candle looks perfect to welcome the festive spirit.


  • Nature inspired decor for Christmas is a great choice. Create your own candle stand from a log of wood & adorn it with greens, pine cones & ribbons.


  • Scoop out the wooden log & make space in it to hold a candle. Further add twigs & pine cones to complete the setup. Whoa! How easily you get an accent piece for your Christmas decor!!


Fairy lights

Whether it was Diwali fervour or Christmas & New year vibes fairy lights are a forever favourite to spruce up any corner & spread a festive vibe.

  • Fill Wine bottles with fairy lights& hang them around. They instantly set a soft, delicate & romantic atmosphere.


  • Or just wrap, weave or scatter lights in jars, lanterns or lamps & create a beautiful festive vignette.


Christmas tree

Now who says u need a real green tree to add Christmas delight to your home. Craft or design your own DIY Christmas tree.

  • This gorgeous table top Christmas tree by Raina @srain_a  is so adorable & creative that I instantly fell for it & the much talented lady has been gracious enough to share her quick diy with us. To learn this diy Click here.

  • How amazing is this! I seriously admit I could have never thought that a few old book pages, a pair of rope strings could get together & create such a magic. How easily a scholarly Christmas tree is up on the wall.


  • How pretty is this  idea of a ‘String light Christmas tree’ coming up on a wall in one of the rooms!

Christmas Decorations

These days so many types of Christmas decorations are available in the markets or online stores. But the joy of creating your own stuff is class apart. I remember as children we use to collect pinecones while we went holidaying to Kasauli ( a nearby hill station to my hometown)

And this is what I loved doing the most…..Creating a Christmas centrepiece with them! When it comes to Christmas I truly believe in the theory ‘more the merrier’!

  • Just cluster some pinecones, paint your own golden & silver Christmas balls, fill them in glass tumblers or jars & that’s it …… you have a gorgeous looking centrepiece ready in minutes.


  • Centrepieces need not always be elaborate. Just a jar filled with Christmas ornaments & candies placed on a table can bring Christmas joy to home.

Christmas Wreath

A Christmas wreath on the entrance door, foyer or balcony wall instantly sparkles up & announces the Christmas joy.

  • Create beautiful DIY Wreaths by clustering fresh or faux flowers, ferns, twigs & leaves. Bind them over any circular loop or use embroidery loops to craft the perfect wreath


  • If you want to go easy you can just bunch up some ferns, twigs & ribbon on a stick & hang it at your entrance. This works as a perfect alternative to wreath & equally spreads the Christmas cheer.


Dining Table Decor

A part of me loves to play the hostess & so decking up the dining table apart from serving delicious food also becomes an esssential task. But thanks to some quick handy ideas I’ve picked up over the years which easily set the platter festive.

  • Bring your dining table to life by using fruits & flowers for decor. I used pomegranates, flameless led candles & pretty white chrysanths for a dinner set up last season.

  • Dining table decor couldn’t get cuter than this. This snowman ⛄️ Winter ❄️ table set up is sure to impress all your little guests as well as charm the adults. My teeny tots are eagerly waiting for mommy to create one for them.


Some more DIY ideas

  • Came across this quick Evergreen candle idea. Turn a glass container into a pretty candle stand by just gluing bits of  greenery around it. How easy? Isn’t it?


  • Dry twigs & Fairy lights have created this festive magic .


Another easy DIY idea,,, just cluster pinecones in a wicker basket, add string light & your instant Christmas accent is ready.

  • How gorgeous is this tacky Christmas tree! Distressed logs, somerope & string lights have come together to build up this Scandinavian Style delight.


  • Isn’t  this a great yumilicious idea….Santa Hat Christmas Snack!!


On that delicious note, I pen down for today……… I’m sure you agree that all these ideas are super easy & don’t need any special DIY skills! So why wait!! It’s  December already, let’s begin decorating our homes & bring the Joy of the season right into our abodes. If you like any of these ideas for your Christmas decor, we would love to know & do let us know if we can help you with any.  

Catch u soon, Until then…..Happy Decorating & Merry Christmas!!


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