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Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom – where the everyday begins!

A place where we crawl into comfort & allow ourselves to drift into a peaceful slumber! It can be more than a place to sleep. It can be a space that is uniquely you, a place that defines you & your personality.

How do you define your relaxed space ? Have a look at these calm bedrooms which define a clutter free softness!

  1. A minimalist set up with neatly drawn lines gives a seamless sense of relaxation in this set up. Use of white bedspread, patterned rug & a small chandelier amps it further to define splendour.
  2. A simple set up where the headboard & vintage look chandelier adds drama to the overall grey charm.
  3. A honeycomb patterned partition in the room adds a style to this set up. White walls and use of neutral shades makes the room look larger and airer.
  4. Deep walnut cherry on the walls and light wooden flooring combined with a floor to ceiling soft headboard give this room an old royal charm. The sunlight peeping through the shears on the windows extends its warmth in this set up.

  5. Warm lighting effect enhances the cozy feel in this one and converts it into a sleep sanctuary. The soft high headboard adds a glam quotient to the otherwise neutral set up.

  6. I love the balance between the simplicity of design with the dramatic lighting in this set up. The space isn’t grand it’s the understated use of cream & white from the palette which gives this a deluxe combination. The tranquility is further added by the Buddha statue sitting calmly on a side shelf.

Comfort is definitely individual, even a tiny space can turn into a gorgeous, relaxing zone with a little effort of putting up a smart use of the available space, right choice of furnishings and correctly placing the chip chops & nick nacks.

Hope you liked these ideas and connect to us for many more ideas to create soothing spaces which bring out a more relaxed and more refreshed you!
Let your personality shine through you.

Image courtesy - VK Verma & Associates Designs by Ar.Lalit Verma


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