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Australia – The Spectacular Getaway

Australia 🇦🇺 

Ooh, lala! O! Ya I start with these words ‘cauz that’s what my heart felt all the way! The forty day trip full of excitement, adventure, enthusiasm was nothing less than a perfect holiday!! 

And when the holiday is perfect your photo gallery is sure to be overflowing with overwhelming pictures ! After much sorting & scanning here are a few of my  favourites. Given a lifetime to wander, I would Just go back & sit admiring these gorgeous spots.  

The 12 Apostles 

I think this is the best place I have ever been to till date. I just can’t think of anything more serene, peaceful & poised. The gorgeous beauty of twelve apostles ( though just 8 are left now ) located at a stunning coastline on Great Ocean road indeed was a sight to behold forever! 

The Barangaroo House

 This distinctive building at the Darling Harbour was an eye candy & how I wish I could design such a structure some day. The distinguishing character of curvilinear facade housing a continuous ring of herbs & plants all along the perimeter was such a gorgeous visual delight . 

Sydney Opera House 

John Urtzon’s masterpiece structure requires no introduction. The exclusive shell shaped facade standing robustly on the riverside has mesmerised every visitor from around the world. A Mecca for many from the architectural fraternity  & on my bucket list since those student days,  I was engulfed with an array of emotions standing in front of this breathtaking  beauty. The picture quality may not be that clear as ‘twas a cloudy day but the feelings expressed are as pure as sunshine.

The Harbour Bridge

Another masterpiece & iconic structure  which made my heart skip a beat with its majestic & robust charm. 

Passing through the bridge, I couldn’t take my eyes off the criss cross play of trusses engineered to perfection!! 


This is one of my favourite picture which I’ve been flaunting around, boasting about my photography skills!! And why not, this sunset calmness has been captured without any filters & I love the tranquil  vibes it displays. 

Splendid Structures 

Are you also one of those who get a sudden spur of adrenaline rush seeing splendid architectural  details. The Victorian charm of the glamorous cities definitely made my heart flutter!  How could I not click a hundred odd pictures standing there & the result ….. kids & hubby cut down my shopping time for the day! Not a bad bargain at the end of the day at all!,, what say 😜? 

The royal Queen Victoria Building refurbished as a plush shopping mall was an exquisite example of the glory of the Queen’s era

The cities are characterised by majestic street squares & an amazing justapostion of old & new structures. 

This corner structure though had a distressed look but I couldn’t help  admiring the details which so beautifully highlighted the Neo Gothic eclecticism. 

Flooring Pattern 

Have a look at this mosaic floor pattern in one of the shopping arcade at Melbourne . Isn’t it exceptionally captivating ? This one is now in my Inspirational pics folder & I wish to recreate this magic in some of my project some day!! 

Another bold geometrical pattern boasting of its Victorian charm also left me awestruck.

Art Deco

The ornate railings & grills around the city of Adelaide reminded me of the Art Deco era & gloriously gave the city a characteristic old world charm.

Many Buildings from this era are restored as shopping malls in and around the city of Melbourne too.

Amidst the Street

While walking past a street in Melbourne came across this beautiful cafe entrance. The ceiling looked pretty with jars full of fairy lights & faux flowers & greens adorning the walls.


If you have to enjoy the beauty of a city you have to walk it around. The city of Adelaide had so much to offer through its streets & lanes. Stumbled upon this delightful trough full of blooms!!

A serene Encounter

Oh! This serenity!! I imagine myself sitting on this rustic bench, one fine day, conversing heart to heart with my better half, soaking the tranquil air & enjoying a cup of tea! Touchwood … hope this dream comes true some day !!

Hope you all enjoyed going through a glimpse of my Holiday tale. With hope to wander more & explore more, I sign off for now & would be glad to help you with any info in case anyone planning a trip to this lovely Land of Oz!!

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