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Astounding Sculptures – Artist Ben Young

       Mysterious, Wild, Calm, Tranquil, Deep, Free …….Ocean!!! 

Artist Ben Young’s fascinating sculptural work left me speechless and I went ahead reading more about his work & bringing it forth to you on my blog.

Ben Young is a New Zealand based Artist who makes awe inspiring sculptures using Glass, Concrete & Bronze. He has been a keen surfer & boat builder by profession which simply reflects in his work inspired by the ocean and its colours.

Ben’s unique craft of transforming sheets of glass into luminous sculptures gives a glimpse of the enchanting Ocean World which is  mesmerizing and breathtaking.

His work and research  leaves you spell bound and gives you an insight about the reach of the mighty oceans and the landmass rising up through the dramatic deep waters. Beautifully sculptured and amalgamated…..

The splendid Art pieces can be a perfect accent piece in any room of your house depending upon the mood you want to set. Different sculptures display different moods & various shades of the ocean……from calm serene & gentle splashes to violent wild waves…..!

Browsing through his work, you just can’t help but say “WoW”

The Passage
Seeker’s Thoughts
At Ease
Subterranean II
The Observor

The wondrous carving of steep cliffs & dramatic waves  reflects the artist’s thrilling imagination, intriguing concept & attention to detail. Certainly, the gorgeous sculptures gently splash your senses with the Ocean world charm.


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