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An Eclectic Home


A Tour of an Eclectic Home that spreads grace & poise.

Rakhi & Tarun’s Ahmedabad home is a vibrant, eclectic & modern residence curated in a neutral palette. The house is effortlessly welcoming with its minimalist approach which turns into a warm, cozy & stylish abode.


Team Design.Decor.Travel visited the Home and the simplistic approach intrigued their interest.

Designed by Interior Designer Niraj Shah from I Do Designs, Ahmedabad, the home features a soothing, calm & delicate canvas exuding delightful warmth.  Each stroke has been  crafted with careful indulgence of the lady of the house, Rakhi, who wanted a home which reflects their personal style of refined living.

I wanted something quiet, simple, comfortable yet an eye – candy home for my family’, says Tarun & its exactly what the designer seems to have delivered. 

The first glimpse of the living room from the foyer embraces you with a calm yet classy interior. With hues of beige & brown dominating the furnishings, it exudes a sophisticated scheme.

The design works on the concept of Simplicity showcasing neat, clean & straight lines accentuated with warm light effects. It is a smooth combination of veneers maintaining a harmony throughout the interior.

The Dining space is a pleasing delight in the evenings and a pleasant sunshine in the early mornings . It makes space for a dreamy couch along the large window. The couch serves as a perfect reading hideout.  A mushroom styled lamp perfectly sits in one corner & adds the perfect zing.


The kitchen is again a sophisticated play of pastels with minimum display and ample covered storage & efficient fittings of Grass & Hettich systems.The highlighted Fluorescent Green serving counter stands out & steals the show. The choice of sleek grey lights above it completes it in  perfection.

As we slowly unravel, the small corridor leading to private spaces of the house is a statement in itself with glittering Italian marble showcasing bespoke luxury. The ceiling and the foot  lights together make quite an impression.

Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom is an interesting mix of textures. The headboard is a fine combination of printed textiles in pastel hues of pink, beige & green. A well designed small shelf on the wall makes space room for their collection of souvenirs & travel memories.

Kids Room

Designing kids room is the most challenging task, as it needs a careful consideration of kids growing at a fast pace & each having their own colour choices & ideas. The design for bedroom of Saara & Ridaan was a daunting task as it required a balance between girlie choices of ten year old Saara and toddler requirements of three year old Ridaan. Both practicality & creativity were crafted with a design which easily grows with them for next couple of years. The bunk bed provides style as well built in storage unit in stairs. This organizational idea saves floor space for unrestricted fun & play.

The striped backdrop in a rainbow of pastel hues gives the harmonious pastel walls a playful tone. Both the kids have their name engraved in their respective favourite colours which gives them a joyful spark.

The study unit compliments the rest of the room & the colours depict the individual storage spaces for both.

The house is reflection of the Tarun Rakhi Saara and Ridaan’s warmth, love & instincts.

As every house is a story, this one is a perfect example of elegance personified through Simplicity & Minimalism. It is a trove filled with elements woven into a relaxed  space that you truly come home to….

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