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Balcony Ideas – Adding glamour to your Outdoor

Balcony Ideas

Glamour in your balcony, terrace or portico doesn’t have to cost more ! Your vision and imagination can turn the blank outdoor of your house into a perfect place to sip your morning cup of tea or gossip over a mug of coffee  or just romance a glass of wine with your partner!

My new abode gave me the luxury of just a tiny balcony (hardly 3 ft by 7 ft) and a little aesthetic touch to it has turned it into my favourite spot to linger on.

My blissful Space

The Window grills in my balcony are the blessing in disguise which serve as perfect rails for my small hanging reused plastic planters. A trunk coupled with a soft mattress and cushions makes room for a comfortable sitting. A charming appearance of warmth is added by fragrant candles & Led string of lights! And here, it’s all set to sip a glass of wine in a cozy blanket in the cold evenings of the mountains !

It’s an even greater treat to have a cup of tea in the mornings here as the view of beautiful valley across adds on to the tranquil feel!

Adding on I also came across these beautiful outdoor spaces which surely give some wonderful ideas!

Artist Anubha’s terrace garden is a treat to the eyes……

If you have an artitst’s thumb then doing up a wall as the focus can give a vibrant spark to your outdoor. A stroke of brush on the wall by Anubha along with greens and colourful pots arranged in an aesthetic sequence has converted this otherwise blank terrace into a favourite tea & chitchat spot for her and her neighbourhood friends. The mornings seem blissful as  peaceful vibes radiate from the gorgeous Buddha painting.

 Tina Dalal’s  Dream Portico…….

A garden gets a perfect romantic feel when a portion of it is turned into a cozy portico. Just adding shear curtains, a carpet, some comfortable seating and a string of yellow light gives this open gazebo a ‘Yash Raj’ movie charm.  A multi use corner piece , which serves both as a book shelf to the readers and a mini bar to the wine lovers of the house, completes this set up for an evening celebration with friends or a romantic date with partner!

Darshan & Pammi’s lawn in Chandigarh……



Simply adding a colourful garden umbrella with all weather proof chairs gives this lawn, wonderful winter breakfast goals. Seasonal flowers and potted plants further enhance the warm experience !

The Green wall …..



When the floor space is less, why not climb the walls……..Creating a Green wall makes a wonderful backdrop in this small balcony and the floor space remains free for adding colourful patterned cushions which provide the required zing to the ambience!

Luxurious outdoor…….


If you have the luxury of a lawn or a garden then with just a little effort you can create this movie date location for yourself at your very home ! All u need is the selection of a perfect spot and work it up with neutral shade of mattress & cushions. Add a string or two of amber lights lamps and a pair of aroma candles . Coupled with your favourite snacks and drinks this spot is sure to be your weekend getaway!

The Vibrant Terrace……

This vibrant terrace is a result of best out of waste effort blended with the owner’s personal touch. Empty beer bottles have been painted and hanged along with vines. One wall is dedicated to mosaic art with broken tiles and mirror. Addition of lamps for light and floor mattress coupled with lots of cushions makes way for a Hukka party indeed!

I hope these outdoor looks gave you some inexpensive ways to create your own world of comfort. Will come up soon with more ideas and DIY goals.

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