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3D Wallpapers – Creative & Inspiring

Wallpapers  not only draw the attention in any room but if carefully chosen can even get the eyes rolling. In fact they play the role of a Show Stopper in interiors.

The trend of Wallpapers is years old and is for sure not going anywhere soon. With the kind of development in the wallpaper Industry, they are sure to charm every interior project for another couple of years.

Today, the Wallpaper Industry has come far with innovative designs and aesthetic excellence. Wallpapers range from 2d, 3D to even 5d today.

Here I’ve gathered some beautiful Wallpaper designs from Jaipur Innovation House, which are truly awe inspiring with their charming designs.

If you always wanted a soft, calming & pretty pink blush on your walls then this one is surely the right choice for you.

Add an inspiring three dimensional look to your interior with this beautiful tunnel design.

Let the Spring Bloom in your living room with this cheerful design.

The marble themed wallpaper can add grace & poise to any room. With its elegant metallic touch it surely marks a royal yet contemporary look.

Dress your wall in a floral 3D pattern with highlights in gold foil to create a ringing backdrop

This graffiti wallpaper is perfect for a teenage bedroom or a modern apartment. The pastel colour combination  further adds an inspiring touch. 

If you want a touch of grandeur in your living area, go for this leather themed luxurious wallpaper which is a magnificent blend of gold & copper links.

Peaceful, Simple yet eye catching. The walls seem to have come alive with this 3D floral wallpaper.

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