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    Sikkim : The Eastern Paradise

    Sikkim – A travellers Delight Summer vacations are around the corner & everyone is looking around for destinations to chill around in the hills. My pick for the ones who want to cradle their souls into nature’s lap, is the mesmerizing state of Sikkim. I’ve been here for around one year and have never felt as salve ever before. Sikkim carries a fragrance of tranquility in its air which sings you a soothing lullaby & you just soak yourself in its dreamy charm. How to reach You have to reach Gangtok via Bagdogra Airport or Njp Railway Stn which is 04-05 hours away by road,depends upon traffic congestion or  45…

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    Where Inspiration Nestles & Creativity Blooms

      If you are a Design Enthusiast then you have just clicked the right Key! Design.Decor.Travel. – Colours of Architecture,  is a space crafted out of passion to collate & share inspiring ideas from the Design World. Whether its an architectural Marvel, an eclectic Interior, an inspiring Craft, a trending Product or an unforgettable Travel experience, this space nestles it all. It is a palette which brings across  unique colours out of daily adventures in Design, Interior & Travel world. Founded by Architect Navneet Sandhu Singh, we are a team of creative enthusiasts working on building a platform  where Architects, Industry experts & Design admirers collaborate & share their thoughts, ideas & innovations. It is…

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    British Bungalow, Darjeeling: A taste of English glory

    The British Colonial Bungalows in India are an everlasting charm with their majestic appearance & sprawling area. Built mostly in the 18th & 19th century in India, they are still an architectural delight. Located at various places, especially the Cantonment areas they are being maintained by the Indian Army in their original finesse. One such place is Darjeeling which captivates you with its English world charm. Nestled in the magnificent Himalayas, Darjeeling offers a splendid view of the mighty Kanchenjunga and people from all over the world visit this beautiful hill station to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous range. I would not be wrong if I say that I…

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    Wall Decor Ideas

    Wall Decor Every house has a Story to tell & Walls are the best canvas to display your Storyline. From living room to kitchen, from bedrooms to bathroom there are walls, walls & walls waiting to get brushed up in glamor & makeup. Today I have rounded up some  ideas to give your walls that glitter edge as they turn into your own art pieces. You definitely don’t have to be an artist to work out these easy to install & budget friendly ideas.

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    Heritage Street, Amritsar

    My recent visit to Harminder Sahib or Golden Temple, Amritsar was an ethereal experience which filled my eyes with so much admiration and nostalgia that it lingers with me & holds me in its tranquil warmth. Today, I sit down to share my thoughts on the redeveloped Heritage Street and the feelings that delighted my memories. Memories that linger……. As my roots belong to this historical city, the childhood memories of the street are so close to my heart…….that they bring a cascade of emotions surging through the mind. The maze of narrow streets, the swarm of hawkers grazing through, the colourful shops full of heritage craftsmanship, the aroma of…

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    Tray Decor Ideas

    Tray Decor – Let the Serving Trays come out of your kitchen shelves and create a spark⚡ in your home! Image – Design.Decor.Travel. On this cloudy ⛅ morning in the hills as I sit down to enjoy my cup of tea, the serving tray holding it, gives me a volume of ideas and I just love sharing my thoughts with you. Hope you enjoy going through these as much as I enjoyed writing them! Ideas to reuse your Serving Trays and turn them into Chic Organisers! Let the tray sit on your coffee table and add an accent with your favourite vignette, candles & some greens. (Image -design.decor.travel) Your coffee table…

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    Style your Trunks – DIY Ideas

    Wedded to the Olive green, life has been a tumultuous yet joyful journey moving from one place to another, packing and unpacking stuff every second year (precisely 10 times in 15 years). But I couldn’t have dreamt of a better life &  better adventures. Every place has been a new learning and every move has given me a new home, a new hope, a new dream, many new friends & a handful of new ‘Trunks’ As an Architect & Interior Designer, I’ve always worked on ideas to preserve these trunks even after we retire into one place. Today, I sit down to share some of the DIY ideas on how…

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    10 Storey Building in 48 hrs

    India, as of today is emerging super power of the world, however the primitive construction techniques are slowing this boom in economy. It is coupled by delayed projects, poor quality and workmanship especially in government sector and mass housing projects. There is need for revolutionary Smart Building concepts in construction industry and incorporate Rapid Construction techniques. One such step has been taken by Dr. Harpal Singh CMD of Synergy Group. He has been instrumental in creating a 10 storey Instacon Building in less than 48 hours in Mohali, India and created a Limca book of national record . The building design is made of modular steel frames and Pre- fabricated…