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Wall colours – Theme it up!

Here we have rounded up a quick guide to Wall colours and how dressing up your walls in the right colour gives an instant life to your room. Just adding a hue of your favourite colour can widely affect your day and work as a mood booster or a stress buster. Here are tips to know the different colours, their qualities and their effects, before you chose your colour of happiness from the palette!!

Hues of Red:

Create a living room that can turn heads! Red since ages is known to be a stimulating color which raises energy levels. Adding hues of red to walls, uplifts moods and gives way to cheerful conversations. Aptly suited for public areas and living rooms at home.


Combination of Red & Black and Red paired with White are age old favorites and still carry the same charm. These contrasting shades bring out a bold statement and an extrovert appearance.

Shades of blue:

Oh! let that ocean and deep blue skies carry you into a tranquil world. Blue, is considered to be  calming, relaxing and serene.

                                          Bright blue adds spark to kids rooms and play areas

                     Turquoise works splendidly in this cheerful set up (pc:

And words fall short to describe the charm turquoise blue can spread. Classy, eclectic, inviting and glamorous! ( don’t mind the adjectives flowing out, ‘caus it’s a personal favourite)


And the Mediterranean hue in your shower adds that zing you always cherish …..

Hues of yellow and orange:

For that warm sunny smile in your room add hues of yellow or orange. Yellow is associated with cheer, communicates happiness and adds an  element of bright energy to your space. It can give a fresh energy to your mornings as u soak in the glow of this sunny shade.

Shade of yellow used in kitchen or dining areas lifts up your spirits

                              For that royal appeal go for golden hues from the metallic palette

Hues of green:

Adding green to your home is like bringing the joy of nature inside. The right selection of green colour can infuse your home with fresh energy and peaceful happiness. Green is associated with fertility, healing qualities and is said to be soothing to the eyes.  It is great selection for a family room or bedroom as it radiates peaceful comfort and promotes  togetherness.

  Mint green adds fresh energy and paired with floral drapes and carries you into a Bohemian world


A brush of mehndi green brings in the organic vibe into your home

                      Using the softer hue of green for your walls brings in the eclectic look (pc: homedit)

Shades of purple

The classic colour for interiors since years is associated with a royal charm. It gives your walls a dramatic statement of royalty and richness. The use of purple in modern interiors showcases a pleasant blend of contemporary with the traditional.

Using purple in dining space and common spaces of the house adds a statement of dignity and sophistication.

Neutral furniture and accessories  express their grace & poise when bright purple colour on the wall carries all the attention


Using lighter tones of purple as lavender brushes across a cool breeze in your home. The breeze which brings along love, contentment and soothing relaxation in the air. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect one to lull you to sleep!!

Shades of Cream, Beige & Brown

If you are bitten by the old world charm and always wanted that vintage feel in your house then neutral shades of cream beige and brown will work perfectly for you.

 Pairing up these exquisite shades with Victorian drapes will work out the perfect grandeur you were dreaming of!

Shades of Grey

Adorn your walls in the elegance of this shade to never go out of fashion.Hues of greys can give a subtle accentuated look to your wall and for those who feel it is boring and dull  , don’t forget that when used as a background colour it carries the flexibility of pairing up with brightest of shades to add that zing look to your decor.

The room stands out in sophistication when the walls are splashed with a Grey backdrop. The charming contrast of printed textiles in bright shades creates a stunning look. (pc: goodhomes)

Not to miss Pink

If all you wanted is a scene from the fairy tale or a perfect girlie girl space then shades of pink can be the best choice. Adorn your walls with a bright pink if u want your walls to shout out loud or go for the muted tints of pink of you want that traditional pinky pink vibe.


Blush your walls pink to turn a room into a castle of your dreams.

Pamper yourself as u dip yourself in the palette of colours. For more ideas, info and expert advice on choosing the right colour for your home or office interiors, FEEL free to contact us by dropping in a message in the comment box or connect to us on –

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