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Jali Designs

Jalis or perforated screens (lattice screens) have been an integral part of Indian architecture from the 16 century era to the contemporary architecture today.

Whether it was the royal Rajput era or the magnanimous Mughal period, perforated screens were always an important architectural element. Not only were they an effective tool to address climate issues they were also the best suited solution for privacy in royal households. From being carved in intricate geometric patterns to elaborate plant motif patterns jalis have been used extensively in all historical forts, palaces, mosques and havelis.
Jalis over the years have seen a transformation from being used as a pierced window to partitions, railings, ventilators as well outer walls.
Today in contemporary architecture, jalis have resurfaced as an element of Interior design used for adding aesthetics as well as creating partitions & dividers in urban floor plans.
Originally carved in sandstone & marble, they are crafted in metal, wood & bricks today depending upon the spatial requirements.
Various laser cut designs in MDF board are a latest trend to create focal points in interior design.

Have a look at these eloquent Jali or perforated screenswhich functionally act as dividers and aesthetically stand as a sculpture.

This traditional design delicately blends in this neutral set up and stands flawlessly elegant.

This geometric pattern adds an abstract drama to the living space.

What’s more exquisite than creating a luxury statement with this intricate traditional look screen which divides the bath space from the room.
This outdoor space gets a play of light & shade with the Jali pattern used boldly & extensively.
Jalis are not only restricted to walls, when backlit they create an interesting ceiling element in interiors.
Backlit jali patterns add a statement of magnificence & grandeur to interiors.

Jalis also serve as excellent partition solutions for office partitions which provide the optimum privacy still maintaining a relation with spaces around.

Jalis can be used as dividers in outdoor spaces to provide privacy in patios, swimming pools or gazebos. Use of perforated screens gives this entrance foyer an aesthetic makeover.The floor gets a delightful pattern when light plays it’s magic through the perforations in the screen.

Jalis add depth & life to a space with an interplay of light & shade they create. The curves & lines of the pattern used form interesting reflective patterns which extends an aesthetic insight and a creative expression.

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