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    3D Interiors-Visual Inspiration

    The world of 3d Visualisation & Animation has become a mainstream technology over a recent period of time and is growing leaps and bounds. It  brings to you a real time feel of the space you want to possess. Have a look at some Ispirational work being crafted by young minds……. PRceptive Design Studio have created some well curated & client sensitive Interior designs. Their 3D visualisation is beautifully expressed in the well crafted 3D drawings. The drawings are woven around the client’s requirements with each & every detail taken care of. A Bohemian Touch This well lit Dining area for a Poland based client, has been given a Bohemain makeover…

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    Astounding Sculptures – Artist Ben Young

           Mysterious, Wild, Calm, Tranquil, Deep, Free …….Ocean!!!  Artist Ben Young’s fascinating sculptural work left me speechless and I went ahead reading more about his work & bringing it forth to you on my blog. Ben Young is a New Zealand based Artist who makes awe inspiring sculptures using Glass, Concrete & Bronze. He has been a keen surfer & boat builder by profession which simply reflects in his work inspired by the ocean and its colours. Ben’s unique craft of transforming sheets of glass into luminous sculptures gives a glimpse of the enchanting Ocean World which is  mesmerizing and breathtaking. His work and research  leaves you spell bound…

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    Quirky Home Decor – CHUMBAK

    If you are on the lookout for some unique & catchy Home Decor Stuff then Chumbak is surely a not to be missed brand. Chumbak stands by its name – certainly  attracts your Creative niche. Lately, it sparked my interest with its unique & catchy Summer stuff which tickled my Home Decor senses. I would not be wrong in saying that they really own some Quirky stuff. While researching its products, I came across a few Chic bedspreads & cushions which certainly seem a perfect fit in the Contemporary Home interiors today. The fancy designs & colourful patterns spark some Summer refurbishment goals we discussed last week . Check out some of their Quirky Home Stuff…

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    10 DIY Curtain Tie Back Ideas

    Are you looking for Curtain Tie Back Ideas? Tying back curtains stylishly gives an added statement to the windows or openings. Buying tie backs can be an added expense while having a limited choice in the market as well. Why not make some pretty creative tie backs at home.  Here I have rounded up a few gorgeous Ideas to give a Chic look to your Curtains.  You can craft these tie backs by adding a little imagination & DIY skills to your household items & crafty accessories. Satin Flower String Pom Pom Tassle Satin Bow Home Made Art Necklace Curtain Tie Back Cling me Clip me Tight A Nautical Touch Pine Tassle…

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    Is your Home, Summer Ready?

    While we are still musing in the Spring impressions, Summer is right here hitting bright & banging loud on us. Just as we switch our wardrobes, drinks & food, its the right time to spruce up our homes, if we haven’t done it yet, to create a wholesome space which keeps us cool & breezy. Think of summers and a feel of coastal  calmness, lemony drinks & flowery fragrance engulfs us. Lets get some of these into our interiors & make our home take a cool dip. Switch Heavy textures Start off from where the everyday begins. Switch the heavy dark coloured winter bedsheets & go for lighter breathable cotton…

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    Nimtho – The Nepalese Flavour

    Celebrate Tradition Celebrate Food The newly opened Nimtho restaurant at MG Road, Gangtok is a celebration of tradition & authetic flavour. Nimtho means Daavat, so true it stands to its name. It definitely is a treat to oneself by soaking in an authentic north-eastern cuisine & an ambience of fresh village air. The Interior.                   Upon walking inside, you are welcomed by a traditional set up of a Nepali Kitchen. The kitchen displays an exact replica of traditional ‘Chulha’ & storage above cooking area as seen in Nepalese paintings & books. The traditional utensils carefully displayed greet you with a brush of village culture…

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    Style your Trunks – DIY Ideas

    Wedded to the Olive green, life has been a tumultuous yet joyful journey moving from one place to another, packing and unpacking stuff every second year (precisely 10 times in 15 years). But I couldn’t have dreamt of a better life &  better adventures. Every place has been a new learning and every move has given me a new home, a new hope, a new dream, many new friends & a handful of new ‘Trunks’ As an Architect & Interior Designer, I’ve always worked on ideas to preserve these trunks even after we retire into one place. Today, I sit down to share some of the DIY ideas on how…

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    An Eclectic Home

      A Tour of an Eclectic Home that spreads grace & poise. Rakhi & Tarun’s Ahmedabad home is a vibrant, eclectic & modern residence curated in a neutral palette. The house is effortlessly welcoming with its minimalist approach which turns into a warm, cozy & stylish abode.   Team Design.Decor.Travel visited the Home and the simplistic approach intrigued their interest. Designed by Interior Designer Niraj Shah from I Do Designs, Ahmedabad, the home features a soothing, calm & delicate canvas exuding delightful warmth.  Each stroke has been  crafted with careful indulgence of the lady of the house, Rakhi, who wanted a home which reflects their personal style of refined living.…

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    Wall Decor Ideas

    Wall Decor Every house has a Story to tell & Walls are the best canvas to display your Storyline. From living room to kitchen, from bedrooms to bathroom there are walls, walls & walls waiting to get brushed up in glamor & makeup. Today I have rounded up some  ideas to give your walls that glitter edge as they turn into your own art pieces. You definitely don’t have to be an artist to work out these easy to install & budget friendly ideas.

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    Jali Designs- An integral part of Indian Architecture

    Jalis have been an integral part of Indian architecture from the 16 century era to the contemporary architecture today. Also known as perforated screens or lattice screens, they are an example of timeless interior design element.  History…. Whether it was the royal Rajput era or the magnanimous Mughal period, Jalis were always an important architectural element.  They were an effective tool to address climate issues, as well as the best suited solution for privacy in royal households. They were carved in intricate geometric patterns to elaborate plant motif patterns & have been used extensively in all historical forts, palaces, mosques and havelis. Jalis over the years have seen a transformation…