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    Jali Designs

    Jalis or perforated screens (lattice screens) have been an integral part of Indian architecture from the 16 century era to the contemporary architecture today. Whether it was the royal Rajput era or the magnanimous Mughal period, perforated screens were always an important architectural element. Not only were they an effective tool to address climate issues they were also the best suited solution for privacy in royal households. From being carved in intricate geometric patterns to elaborate plant motif patterns jalis have been used extensively in all historical forts, palaces, mosques and havelis. Jalis over the years have seen a transformation from being used as a pierced window to partitions, railings,…

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    Kids Room Ideas

    Because they are your heart & soul so the design of their space comes straight from the depth of your heart. Making a room for your little monsters is the best thing you would love to do. How about going through these playful ideas to brighten up your young explorer’s space. ‘Let’s make Creative Memories’ Reading Space Make room for one more story! Bedtime stories are bedtime memories which we make with our kids. So enjoy every storytelling by making a comfy spot for yourself. Perking it up with a geometric pattern on the wall, adds colour to the treasured moments. Colourful Storage This colourful storage rack idea certainly gives…

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    Artisanal Bottle Art- by Gauri Khan Designs

    Where Fashion & Design come together it’s called Gauri Khan Designs! Gauri Khan, the name itself defines poise, grace & sumptuosity. Her persona, her style statement and her imagination have blended together curating a rich, elegant & glamorous quotient. Her designs and collaboration with brands around the world has transcended interior design to a different level of luxurious expression.

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    TV Consoles – a Style Guide

    Your media console can be much more than just a tv cabinet, it can work as the entertainment zone of your house which holds all your media accessories. The correct design of your tv cabinet can make room for a quality family time where you can watch movies, play games, listen to music or even karaoke with friends. Here we have rounded up some eclectic tv console ideas for you.

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    Bedroom Ideas

    Bedroom – where the everyday begins! A place where we crawl into comfort & allow ourselves to drift into a peaceful slumber! It can be more than a place to sleep. It can be a space that is uniquely you, a place that defines you & your personality. How do you define your relaxed space ? Have a look at these calm bedrooms which define a clutter free softness!

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    We Salute you Sir- Ar.BV Doshi

    Architectural Fraternity Salutes you Sir! It makes me immensely happy today that my favourite architect & inspiration of all times is honoured with the highest award in Architecture. As I sit down to write today my heart is filled with pride & I look back to the days when I boarded the journey of this fervent & passionate field and my first inspiration, like many more, was none other than BV Doshi Sir. Architect Balakrishna Doshi will be honoured with the Pritzker Prize 2018. Indeed a proud moment for Architectural Fraternity of India. It’s for the first time an Indian Architect has been recognised and awarded the highest accolade in…

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    Jewel in the Hills

    Mark Twain on his visit to Darjeeling qouted…… ‘land that all men desire to see, and having seen once, by even a glimpse, would not give that away for the shows of the rest of the world combined.’  I could not agree more on the glory of Darjeeling, a ‘Himalayan Heaven’ in true sense. The hill station boasts of its rich history and carries the fame of being the home of Sherpa Tenzing who first stepped on the highest mountain peak of the world, Mount Everest, with Edmund Hillary in 1953. Nestled at an altitude of 6700 ft the town carries a Victorian charm with it and provides a spectacular…

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    Wall colours – Theme it up!

    Here we have rounded up a quick guide to Wall colours and how dressing up your walls in the right colour gives an instant life to your room. Just adding a hue of your favourite colour can widely affect your day and work as a mood booster or a stress buster. Here are tips to know the different colours, their qualities and their effects, before you chose your colour of happiness from the palette!! Hues of Red: Create a living room that can turn heads! Red since ages is known to be a stimulating color which raises energy levels. Adding hues of red to walls, uplifts moods and gives way…

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    World’s Tallest Temple

    धन-धन वृन्दावन रजधानी।, जहा- ँ विराजत मोहन राजा श्री राधा महारानी।सद- ा सनातन एक रस जोरी महिमा निगम ना जानी।, श्री हरि प्रिया हितु निज दासी रहत सदा अगवानी॥ Glory to Vrindavan…..                                                                    Where Mohan (Krishna) is the Emperor And  Radha is the Empress, Where ‘Bhakti Ras & eternal bliss flows continuously,Even Veds are not able to sing and capture the entire ‘ras’ of the place , Where Lord of the Universe (Lord Krishna) lovingly serves theEmpress of the Universe ( Radha) Vrindavan – the land of eternal bliss, the land where the Lord manifests.  Vrindavan, the name itself evokes the religious Hindu  sentiments  as it earns its…

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    Balcony Ideas – Adding glamour to your Outdoor

    Glamour in your balcony, terrace or portico doesn’t have to cost more ! Your vision and imagination can turn the blank outdoor of your house into a perfect place to sip your morning cup of tea or gossip over a mug of coffee  or just romance a glass of wine with your partner! My new abode gave me the luxury of just a tiny balcony (hardly 3 ft by 7 ft) and a little aesthetic touch to it has turned it into my favourite spot to linger on. My blissful Space The Window grills in my balcony are the blessing in disguise which serve as perfect rails for my small…