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    Monastery – the Saga, the Belief , the Architecture

    Monastery – the Saga, the Belief , the Architecture “Travel is more than seeing of the Sights, It is a change that goes on, deep & permanent, In the Ideas of Living” …………Anonymous So true seem these words…….the experience of exploring Sikkim has charged me with a new energy, a new spiritual air, a new inspiration  & most of all a new way to IMAGINE.  The colourful & unique architecture of the place has amused me as much as it’s serene natural beauty. The calmness in its air has brought forth a tranquil exploration. Sikkim boasts of an incredible history which mirrors the traditions & cultures of Tibetan & Nepalese…

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    Room Divider Ideas – Add a Creative Layer

    Room Divider Ideas Whether you are making space for multiple activities, or looking for creating a cozy nook in your room or just aimimg to separate different areas for better management, ‘Room Dividers or Partitions’ are the most preferred option. This post will help you get ideas, which collates a variety of  Room Divider Ideas which offer unique & creative ways to carve out your space as per your needs. While these Room Dividers are functionally outstanding they are elegantly gorgeous too !!  Contemporary Room Divider This idea works perfect when you are looking at separating your living or drawing areas. It acts as a charming showcase for your collectibles…

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    10 Chic Kitchen Ideas

    Kitchen – The Heart of the Home  The place which adds flavour & spice into our lives. We cook, eat, entertain through this space so it definitely deserves to echo your style & inspire stylish functionality. Whether you are thinking of revamping your kitchen or moving into a new home or simply refreshing your cooking space, browse through these chic kitchens which offer tangy kitchen ideas to make your Cooking Space colourful, vibrant & charming. Colour & Cheer Kitchen Wallpapers are a trendy option to instantly turn your kitchen into a bespoke colourful space. This white themed kitchen looks cheerful with the colourful geometric wallpaper as the backsplash. Mexican Delight…

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    3D Wallpapers – Creative & Inspiring

    Wallpapers  not only draw the attention in any room but if carefully chosen can even get the eyes rolling. In fact they play the role of a Show Stopper in interiors. The trend of Wallpapers is years old and is for sure not going anywhere soon. With the kind of development in the wallpaper Industry, they are sure to charm every interior project for another couple of years. Today, the Wallpaper Industry has come far with innovative designs and aesthetic excellence. Wallpapers range from 2d, 3D to even 5d today. Here I’ve gathered some beautiful Wallpaper designs from Jaipur Innovation House, which are truly awe inspiring with their charming designs. If…

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    3D Interiors-Visual Inspiration

    The world of 3d Visualisation & Animation has become a mainstream technology over a recent period of time and is growing leaps and bounds. It  brings to you a real time feel of the space you want to possess. Have a look at some Ispirational work being crafted by young minds……. PRceptive Design Studio have created some well curated & client sensitive Interior designs. Their 3D visualisation is beautifully expressed in the well crafted 3D drawings. The drawings are woven around the client’s requirements with each & every detail taken care of. A Bohemian Touch This well lit Dining area for a Poland based client, has been given a Bohemain makeover…

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    Nimtho – The Nepalese Flavour

    Celebrate Tradition Celebrate Food The newly opened Nimtho restaurant at MG Road, Gangtok is a celebration of tradition & authetic flavour. Nimtho means Daavat, so true it stands to its name. It definitely is a treat to oneself by soaking in an authentic north-eastern cuisine & an ambience of fresh village air. The Interior.                   Upon walking inside, you are welcomed by a traditional set up of a Nepali Kitchen. The kitchen displays an exact replica of traditional ‘Chulha’ & storage above cooking area as seen in Nepalese paintings & books. The traditional utensils carefully displayed greet you with a brush of village culture…

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    MOD Museum, UniSA, South Australia

      MOD, is a futuristic museum of Discovery at the University of South Australia, Adelaide (SA). Infact, it is  ‘a place to COME, BE INSPIRED & SPREAD CREATIVITY’ It is a dynamic, exhibition arena that provides a platform for young enthusiasts in the field of science & technology to showcase their innovation & understand the need for research to shape our future.   The museum is one of its kind iconic space which brings together students, researchers, travelers & industry experts to interact, learn & display. The atmosphere of the arena kindles the spark of innovation & creativity.       Young minds experience a diversified expanse of interactive ideas…

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    An Eclectic Home

      A Tour of an Eclectic Home that spreads grace & poise. Rakhi & Tarun’s Ahmedabad home is a vibrant, eclectic & modern residence curated in a neutral palette. The house is effortlessly welcoming with its minimalist approach which turns into a warm, cozy & stylish abode.   Team Design.Decor.Travel visited the Home and the simplistic approach intrigued their interest. Designed by Interior Designer Niraj Shah from I Do Designs, Ahmedabad, the home features a soothing, calm & delicate canvas exuding delightful warmth.  Each stroke has been  crafted with careful indulgence of the lady of the house, Rakhi, who wanted a home which reflects their personal style of refined living.…

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    British Bungalow, Darjeeling: A taste of English glory

    The British Colonial Bungalows in India are an everlasting charm with their majestic appearance & sprawling area. Built mostly in the 18th & 19th century in India, they are still an architectural delight. Located at various places, especially the Cantonment areas they are being maintained by the Indian Army in their original finesse. One such place is Darjeeling which captivates you with its English world charm. Nestled in the magnificent Himalayas, Darjeeling offers a splendid view of the mighty Kanchenjunga and people from all over the world visit this beautiful hill station to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous range. I would not be wrong if I say that I…

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    Wall Decor Ideas

    Wall Decor Every house has a Story to tell & Walls are the best canvas to display your Storyline. From living room to kitchen, from bedrooms to bathroom there are walls, walls & walls waiting to get brushed up in glamor & makeup. Today I have rounded up some  ideas to give your walls that glitter edge as they turn into your own art pieces. You definitely don’t have to be an artist to work out these easy to install & budget friendly ideas.