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    A Spiritual stroke -an artist’s expression

    Artist Jagmohan Bangani , dips his brush not just in colours but in his own soul and transforms his thoughts on canvas. His paintings are like a musical instrument being played with strings resonating the rythm of spiritual hymns. Oh! what a peaceful charm they radiate. Today I will take you into a world of colours with an award winning artist , his thoughts and his work. Artist Jagmohan has an unusual style of conveying art through visual scriptures, the use of unique colour combinations in his creations attracts attention to look deeper into the canvas and carries you into a world where you feel an experience of conversation with God.…

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    Ahmedabad – Architecture & Beyond

    Full text of my Article published in Architecture – Time, Space & People Magazine (Dec’17 issue) A walk down the Manek Chowk – A street that never sleeps…….. The city of Ahmedabad undoubtedly boasts of its vibrant cultural and architectural history. Soon before it was declared a world heritage city by UNESCO, I got a chance to soak in the charming spell of the old city and fort of the ‘apno amdavad’. It was almost midnight when hunger pranks brought me and my friends to a bustling street square popularly known as ‘Manek Chowk’. With dazzling lights, colourful food stalls, lip smacking aroma, chitter chatter of happy lit faces of kids…

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    Rendezvous in Spiti Valley- a video tour

    Are you looking for some raw adventure? Is this your idea of adventure? Watch the video tour and soak yourself in the love for mountains! [wpvideo tD2KVHZm ][wpvideo xwtcfE2q ] [wpvideo 6vLhwH72 ][wpvideo jPuJeWKp ] Spiti valley also known as Little Tibet is a valley between India and Tibet in the virgin district of Himachal Pradesh. Video credits : Bharat Dhillon & Gags Khushboo Dhanoa #travel #rendezvous #lahaulspiti #spitivalley #himachaltourism #adventure #thar #amazingexperiences

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    A brush of Victorian Era – Elgin Mount Pandim, Pelling

    A recent trip to the pleasant hill station of Pelling nestled in the hills of West Sikkim encompassed me with warm splendor. Not only did the untouched natural beauty of the town intrigue me to write this but also the shade of Old Victorian era which brushed my senses during my stay there. The town of Pelling is a tourist attraction majorly due to the breathtaking view of the mighty Kanchenjunga.  It also has a history of being  the second capital of the erstwhile kingdom of Sikkim after Yuksom , and  till the year 1814 A.D., the king of Sikkim ruled the state from this place.   A particular attraction…

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    Cellular Jail ………..LEST WE FORGET!

     LEST WE FORGET………..the Sacrifice, the Endurance, the Architecture Uploading full text of my write up on Cellular Jail, Port Blair, which has been awarded a  ‘CERTIFICATE of APPRECIATION’ in Architectural Journalism Competition and also finds a mention in World Architecture Community. A sneak peek into the architecture of CELLULAR JAIL……. Architecture is not just a structure of bricks and cement but is like a piece of music that influences emotions, conveys feelings, creates an atmosphere where either we flow with its rhythm of being exceptionally beautiful or get perplexed with it being exceptionally arrhythmic. Architecture is associative with the emotional character it conveys. Buildings trigger our emotions and envelop us in…

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    For the love of Architecture & Travel

    If you are a Wanderer with a lust for diving into the deep sea of Design, Architecture & Travel …….you have just clicked the right key!! I have created this space for a conversation with your thoughts, passion and love for Design & Travel. This platform embarks you and me on a journey of thinking, writing, learning and sharing ideas on different shades of the palette called Architecture & Design. From learning about Architectural marvels around the world to designing your coffee cup coaster, this space talks all about the dreamworld of design, decor & travel.

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    What’s your Colour of Happiness??

    The colour we surround ourselves with, directly influences our state of mind, it either triggers our emotions or slows us down. The heart sings to the tunes of new beginnings when the hues of orange overcast the grey paradise turning it into clear blue skies, a unique soulful aroma is spread while we tread in the lush green forests filling our lives with joy and contentment, a look at the horizon with a mix of blue, purple and brown on the sandy beaches charms the inner self to dance to the song of the sea and when the moon sparkles with its silver shine over grey heavens, the world seems…